Making Mountain Pies

Mountain Pies are typically two pieces of white bread, buttered, with filling between them, cooked over a campfire, in a mountain pie maker.

Popular combinations are:
Pizza - pizza sauce, pepperoni, cheese
Pie - Any pie filling (some like cheese with their apple pie filling)
Smores - Marshmallow & chocolate.

But you can really put just about anything in a Mountain Pie.
Tonight we did Chocolate Raspberry, & Bruschetta & Cheese - both using crescent dough in place of the white bread

Crescent Dough, Raspberries, a marshmallow cut in half, an some chocolate.

Crescent dough, bruschetta, cheese, dried oregano & basil

On the fire

They probably should have cooked for another minute or two.  They were good, but they could have been better...

Raspberry on the left, bruschetta on the right