July Fitness Plan

A few of the resources I'm using this month.
At the bottom of this post is my work out calendar, and additional steps I took to prepare for this months workouts.


Track in MFP
Every day.

Limit my carbs, especially after 2pm

120 ounces of water a day
Which is this cup, 6 times.
6 rubber bands - remove one each time I fill the cup, to track my progress

And I downloaded a water tracker app that makes a water guzzling noise as an alarm to remind me to drink.  (You can change how often you are alerted)

I'm going back to CardioTrainer for my workouts.  I switched to Endomodo because it synced with fitbit, but that was too complicated, and Endomodo is just not as accurate with distances.

Walk 100,000 Steps a week
Roughly 16,000 steps a day for 6 days, with only 5,0000 on Sundays

Achieve this by walking with friends 3x a week, walking Meg's dog each day, and starting the c25k
(This is going to be HARD.  In June I averaged 50,000 - 70,000 steps a week) 
(Tracked on my fitbit)

Start the C25k. Again. 
I'm still deciding today - but I think I might try this app - 
It's only $1.99, so if I hate it, I can go back to my regular c25k app without too many regrets.

30 crunches every night before bed
(5 days a week)

Kayak around the lake twice for time
(prep for the chili challenge this fall)

Try a couple of Zumba Classes
I loved Zumba, but our old class is no more. I can try a couple of local classes this month with a friend, and it will be a fun way to add in some extra work outs.

To Plan all of this, I made myself a Fitness Calendar for July, using google docs:

Accountability & Accessories:
Exercise Home Screen All set up on my phone.  Reminders are added to my to do lists.

I walk with three different friends each week - one on Tuesdays, one on Wednesdays, and one on Thursdays. I get to catch up with my friends, AND have some accountability to get out there and walk.

My inhaler (needed in this humidity when I run), headphones, and arm band for my phone are all in a ziplock back in my car console, ready for me to start the c25k training.

For my walks with Meg's dog - Daisy - I downloaded a new audiobook to my phone:
Novelist Clifford Irving's "autobiography" of Howard Hughes was the literary hoax of our time. This no-holds-barred confession by the author was first published in Great Britain in 1997, where it became a best seller. But no American publisher would touch it until now. Why? The answer is implicit in this ultimate caper story of daring, treachery, and corruption.
As fast-paced and exciting as any spy novel, The Hoax involves the listener at every devilish turn. Irving describes how the hoax developed, like a Chinese puzzle, from its madcap beginning to the final startling confession, a witty and nail-biting story of international intrigue and beautiful women, of powerful corporate executives and jet-set rogues, of cover-ups and headlines.