This Week On The Farm 4/28

One of our spring projects is to enlarge the chicken coop run.  We haven't started yet.  Soon.

Bubba (cow) is almost recovered and ready to move back to the front pasture with the other cows.  We need to start introducing Kase to the other horses here on the farm.  Kase (rescue horse) has some rainrot yet, but mostly you wouldn't realize he was half starved to death just a few months ago - he is doing great.

The barn cats - we only have 2 cats here.  (And that's enough!)

Mickey is getting big - it's about time to move him down to the front pasture with the big cows.

The "ring" of pasture right outside the upper shed.  What a mess.

Todays eggs

The peacocks, still waiting for their new shelter to be built...