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Menu Planning Monday
Monday - Grilled Chicken & Salads  (the guys had the chicken on rolls as sandwiches, us girls had it sliced on our salads.  The guys had chips too)
Tuesday - Celine Dijon Chicken, baked sweet potatoes, Mixed veggies
Wednesday - Taco Night 
Thursday - Pasta Night - I think I'll do a simple spaghetti & meatballs this week.
Friday - Homemade Calzones for the kids, Dh and I out with friends.
Saturday - Soup - Chicken Corn
Sunday - pork chops and stuffing layered in a crock pot and left to cook while we are in church.  Mashed potatoes
Monday - Grilled chicken, baked sweet potatoes, Salad

Super Simple Make Your Own Thin Mints

I learned how to make these from a woman in our church, at an Apples Of Gold class.  :-)
Ritz Crackers Mint Chocolate Melting Wafers
That's it.  Really.
I get the wafers at Ac Moore.  They go on sale for $1.77 a bag, and when they do, I stock up.  do not like the chocolate wafers from Michaels - they are too waxy, in my opinion.
I found Ritz crackers at our grocery outlet (Wengers in Mifflinburg)
You can melt the chocolate in the microwave - just make sure the bowl and spoon are COMPLETELY dry.  One speck of water can make chocolate seize.
We don't have a microwave here (no big health reason, I just got tired of them dying, and we don't really use it..  a counter top convection oven was under $40 and works better for reheating food)
I have a melting pan similar to this one. I paid under $20- check Michaels or JoAnns and use a coupon for a good deal on one.  If you melt a lot of chocolate (we make a LOT of peanut butter eggs each year) it's well worth the investment.
To coat the…