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Through the Alphabet - The Characteristics of God

I'm doing the Take Refuge study with HelloMornings for my morning devotional time, and I'm loving it.  We're going through a situation right now that on the surface looks nothing at all like Ruth's, and yet as we go through the study I am relating so strongly with the underlying message, the subtitle of the study being "Seeing Our Trustworthy God in the Story of Ruth".  I'm seeing our trustworthy God in the story, or trial, we are going through right now, so clearly, and so applicably.  

One of today's assignments in the lesson is "Consider journaling through the names and charactaristics of God.  Start with an "A" word, ("Awesome") and move through the alphabet to Z ("Zealous") "  I've done variations of this over the years, but not in such an organized manner.  It might take me awhile to finish this, but I'm in love with the concept.  (It's impossible to box God into just our english alphabet - ther…

Ironing Water Marks Out Of A Table

For a couple of years, I tried everything to remove the water marks, which are almost constantly occurring, from this table.  I tried eggs.  Mayo.  Scrubbing it harder.

Nothing worked.

Then I saw something on tv, some kitchen show I think, where they explained that in highly waxed furniture, you have to iron out the white marks.

It worked!!! 

And it has continued to work on this table, over and over. Someday I'll need to refinish the table, but for now, every couple of months I iron out the spots and then coat it good with some Scotts Liquid Gold.

Home Made Laundry Detergent Recipe

I've been making, and using, this for the last 12 years.  It works well  I raise boys, on a farm, and one of them is a football player.  So seriously, it works, well.  :-)

Making Cheer Bows

I've been a football mom for years.  This year, I'm adding cheerleading mom to my resume.  It's been an experience.  I was a dance mom for 8 years - and still it didn't prepare me for this.  :-)

At a cheer parents meeting recently, they rattled off the costs for the competition cheer bows, and I about fell off my chair.  $25 for a bow?  That's more than we paid for the spanx.  A few weeks later I attended my first cheer competition, and saw a stand selling bows.  $15 each.  They did not look that difficult, or expensive, to me, so I went online and started researching cheer bows.  Wow.  Some moms take these really seriously.  Me?  Not so much.  I'm looking to have fun with them, but we're definitely not into beauty pageants here.  This is the simple cheer bow tutorial. I didn't sew layers of sateen to ribbon, or anything complicated.  (And to be clear, neither did the people selling the bows for $25, and $15, that I have seen around here)
Supplies: Grossgr…

Our Families Favorite Netflix Binges

Any suggestions for what we should watch next?  I'd love to hear them!
"Are You Still Watching Better Off Ted?"
Why yes Netflix, I am.  Stop lecturing me! 
With some extra snowy days this year, we've enjoyed our new netflix subscription.  These have been some of our favorites:
Life A former police officer returns to the force after having been wrongly imprisoned for years.  There's a subplot running through the season, where he tries to establish who all was responsible for framing him.
Better Off Ted Short episodes, light and funny - we loved this show. Description from -  Sneaky, madcap, and completely addictive, Better Off Ted is a delicious lampoon of the corporate culture that puts profits over anything resembling human decency. Ted Crisp (Jay Harrington) is the breezy, confident manager of the research and development department of Veridian Dynamics--a massive multinational corporation that does everything, from growing cowless meat to weaponizing pumpkin…