2014 Resolution Resources

Free printable here:

I don't know if I make resolutions, so much as I reorganize each year.  New plans for the same basic goals: Improve my prayer life/scripture memorization, lose weight and get in better shape, be a better homekeeper/mange my time better, be more organized.  

From apps to homescreens on my phone, tips and who to follow on twitter, these are the tools I rounded up to start 2014:

Prayer & Devotions:
Free pdf

Great Bible Reading plans here - I'm following The One Year Bible Plan this year

Screenshot of my Devotions Screen
The 5 Prayers Printable is from Hello Mornings (SO many great resources here!)
In the folder at the top are the apps:
  • One Spokane (My son's church, I love listening to their sermon podcasts each week, our son is stationed on the other side of the country, I like hearing what he is hearing in church..  and the sermons are REALLY good)  It's habit for me to listen to this sermon on my walk each Tuesday.
  • Focus Family - great podcasts.  I often listen to these while showering & getting ready in the morning.
  • In Touch - The magazine in app form - devotions, articles, etc.
  • Bible Gateway - Great for commentaries!
  • Life Reminders - I use this one when praying, or mostly in church.  If someone mentions in church that they have something coming up that week, I can set a text to send automatically asking them how it went - drs appointments, interviews, etc.  (I also use this if I am going to be away, to send automatic texts to my teens to ask them if they fed the animals, took my dog out to pee, etc..  I schedule the texts before I leave, so I don't have to think about it, but the kids will respond and answer the texts letting me know things were done)
  • Bible - I use this for the reading plans, and to check different versions - but I use Tecarta as my main bible reading app.
  • Simple Notepad - I renamed this app "BSF Notes" on my phone, and I use this app exclusively for taking notes at Bible Study Fellowship lectures each week.
  • Shortcuts to books: Closer: 52 Weeks To Draw Couples Closer Together, a once a week devotional my husband and I are using together.  Jesus Calling, my evening devotion.  To create a shortcut directly to a book, I choose menu/add/shortcut/aldiko premium

Under the folder are the apps I access more frequently:
Mobile Knee - Digital Prayer Notebook 
(I create a list for each category - Church, Family, Community, Friends - one for each day of the week, in addition to my every day list)

Study Droid - Which I renamed "Memory Verses".  It's a flash card app that I use for memory verses
Tecarta NIV Study Bible - the main bible app I use.  I love that I can do two translations side by side, love the study notes, and the ability to add margin notes.  This is not free - I paid $10 for the study bible, and 99 cents for the message version.

The widget at the bottom of the screen is my one year bible reading plan, through the bible app.

Home keeping & Routines:
My goal is to simplify my cleaning a bit this year.  I spend a LOT of time cleaning.  My daughter gets paid to clean a house, she cleans the entire home in 2 hours a week.  I often spend 2 hours cleaning my kitchen & laundry room.  And my house is never, ever close to spot less.  

My cleaning routine is:
Mondays - Bedrooms 
Tuesdays - Kitchen & Laundry room (I also do menu planning, because I shop on Wednesdays)
Wednesdays - BSF, errands day
Thursday - Hallway & Bathrooms, paperwork
Friday - Living Room & Dining Room

I'm going to limit myself to one hour a day in these areas, with another 30 minutes scheduled for dailies each day, and an additional 30 minutes for an evening clean up before bed..  in a couple of weeks I'll re-evaluate and see if I'm keeping up enough. 

I use a couple of calendar apps on my phone. One entire screen is a month view using the Calendar Pad app.  But on this screen, I use the google calendar widget, and I have it set to show a calendar I named "Agenda" (items in purple)  This is how I schedule out my day.  

The Daily Success widget on the right is one of my new favorite widgets.  It's a simple list of things I need to do every single day.  Each day, the list automatically resets.  I can check the app and see how I am doing in each category, which items I am not doing consistently, etc.  

The MyFitnessPal app is on this screen so I remember to log my food each day ,because this is my most accessed screen.  The DoItIm app is my to do app, with my full to do list for the day.

Diet & Exercise:

To display the bootcamp calendar from Sisterhood Of The Shrinking Jeans, I use the Android Photo Widget.

The widgets are Seinfeld Calendar - based on the "don't break the chain" calendar idea.

In the folder are shortcuts to:

Next is the Smart Audio Book app - I use this a lot when I walk.  I love to walk with bluetooth, rather than headphones, because I can hear traffic and people around me better.  More about walking with Blue-tooth.

Endomondo - I actually prefer the cardiotrainer app, and find it to be more accurate for distances..  but Endomondo syncs with fitbit and MyFitnessPal

TrackSavvy Water Tracking widget 


  • place vitamins for the week in a weekly pill case
  • find a good water cup (I like one with a straw) and add one rubber band for each time you would like to refill it in a day.  I have 5 rubber bands on mine. Each time I empty the cup, I remove a rubber band.  The goal is to have all the rubber bands off the cup by the end of the day.

Trying to lose weight?  Bet on yourself.  You pay to join a challenge, and if you don't lose the weight, you forfeit your money.  Those who meet thier goal split the pot.  http://www.dietbetter.com/

This is a good article about DietBet - disappointing that so many cheat on it.  :-(  http://www.myfitnesspal.com/blog/CaraRadz/view/some-thoughts-on-dietbet-490529  

Get rewarded for working out.  http://earndit.com/  Links with Endomodo, Fitbit, 
Runkeeper, Nike, and more.  

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This is my dream scanner.  Drop a pile of papers into it, it scans them, organizes them, and files them in to notebooks in evernote.  Unfortunately, the $500 price tag is not in my budget.  The NeatDesk is about $100 cheaper, but still too pricey for me.  So for now, I'll be scanning (or using my cell phone to snap photos of) documents one at a time..  but I'm looking at options for better scanning software.  

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