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The Perfect Baby Blanket!

24 Days Of Simple Christmas Projects
The Perfect Baby Blanket!
I am so in love with these blankets! The weight is absolutely perfect, they take about an hour to make, and they are really cute!  
Simply take one yard of cotton print, and one yard of minky dot print, and stitch them wrong sides together.  I sewed around the edges - about 5 dots in one the long sides, and 3 dots in on the shorter sides  
Then sew whatever pattern you would like to "quilt" the two fabrics together.  I did four diagonal stripes across this one.  The dots on the minky fabric make this so simple!  
Then to finish the blanket, roll the edge over twice, and sew.  I did this rather thinly, but for the next one I'll make the edge much thicker, or use a second fabric for binding..  I didn't have a second fabric that worked well with this one.

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24 Days Of Simple Christmas Crafts - Candle Wraps

24 Days Of Simple Christmas Projects Candle Wraps
I'm so excited about these, they are my favorite new craft.  Wrapped around a $4 candle from Michael s, these will make great hostess gifts, & teacher gifts, this Christmas.

Last year while shopping at a small, locally owned, department store, I found these:

This is a simple velcro wrap to go around a jar candle.  The possibilities for these are endless, and are going to be great for all the little cross stitch projects, felt embroidery, small quilting projects, punch needle embroidery..  there are all sorts of craft skills that could be used to make these! 

I started with felt embroidery, because it is the fastest simplest craft I know.  

The wrap is just a little bit longer than a standard felt rectangle, so I used my sewing machine to stitch a piece on each side to lengthen it.  This was the only time I used my sewing machine for this project.  The pieces could have been hand stiched, or even hot glued, or you could buy larger …

Preparing For Thanksgiving

For years, Thanksgiving was a weird holiday for us.  Each year would be a juggling act of who was hosting, who was going to their in laws that year, etc.  (On one side, we would receive a call each year to remind us that we were not invited because there was too many of us. )  
So when we moved to the farm 10 years ago, I said enough.  Thanksgiving would be at 1pm on Thanksgiving day at the farm.  Come if you would like, do not feel bad if you cannot make it, it does not matter to me if there are 25 of us or just Dan & I and our 4 children.  Dinner will be at 1, at the farm, every year.  This year there will be around 25 here for dinner.  I try to set the adults in the dining room with china, and leave the teens & young adults to sit at tables in the kitchen, laundry room, tv trays in the living room, etc..  but this year I'm not even sure how we'll fit the adults in the dining room.  (I have an idea that I will turn the dining room table sideways and make room for a se…

24 Days of Simple Christmas Crafts - A Scarf

24 Days Of Simple Christmas Projects
A Very Simple Scarf
This is so simple, it is a great "learn to crochet" project.  Or you could do a fancier pattern, or knit it, if you already have experience with knitting and/or crocheting.

Charisma Loops & Threads Yarn
I like this yarn - it's soft and warm works up beautifully.  It goes on sale 2 for $5 at Michaels, although it's 2 for $7 this week.  

For the scarf above, all I am doing are 18 stitches of triple crochet, using a J/10 crochet hook.   I'll use two skeins for this scarf.  Count your stitches every row or two, to make sure you do not drop or add any stitches.  I did the amount shown above one evening while watching tv..  I'll easily finish it in a second evening.

There is a simple tutorial with photos on how to triple crochet here:
(The site above has both step by step photos, and a video tutorial)

Or go to YouTube and search triple crochet - YouTube is great for learning h…

Why I Won't Wear Pink In October

Today I put the bright pink cover on my miche bag.  I checked the calendar first, to be sure it was November, and that it is once again safe for me to wear pink.
I know it practically makes me anti american, but I will not wear pink in October.  I will not buy pink duct tape, or pink shopping bags.  Even when the pink flatiron with the ribbon on it goes on 75% clearance, I'll  pay more for a non pink version - it bothers me that much. 
I avoided an entire town for the month of October, because they were "painting the valley pink" for October.  All of the stores were decked out in pink, one with bras used outside as a "humorous"  display.  I didn't research how much of their profits they were donating to any sort of cancer research or support - but my guess would be that it's awfully close to 0%.  
Because that's the second lie in all of this pink.  That by buying pink, you are supporting something - research, or mammograms, or something.  (Amazingly, m…

Basic Baked French Toast

I found that by baking french toast, instead of frying it, it gets nice and firm and crusty on the outside, and has a better cooked through texture in the inside.  This is officially my favorite way to make french toast!
Thick Slices of Bread (I used a loaf of homemade wheat here) 4 eggs 1 1/3 cups of milk 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp nutmeg splash of vanilla a sprinkling of salt
1. Mix all ingredients, except bread, together 2. Dip bread in mixture, soaking both sides 3. layer in a pan, bake at 375

Snowmen from Electric Tea Light Candles

24 Days Of Simple Christmas Projects
Day #1
Snowmen From Electric Tea Light Candles

These candles are pretty easy to find at the Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General - any of those stores with the word "Dollar" in their name.  :-)  Depending on the store, they are 2 or 3 for $1.  Most of us will have the embellishments on hand in our craft stashes, making this a really cheap starter craft.
I used E600 glue to attach the hat, and the ribbon to hang them.  (You can find e600 glue in the automobile section of Dollar General) a white gel pen to accent the hats (which are simple black card stock) and a black sharpie for the faces.

 These will be really cute hanging off gift bags this Christmas!
I saw this idea on pinterest, then googled it and found that it is not a new idea at all..  and the variations are endless!

This is the very basic idea that I started with.  Drawing the face on is so much easier than I expected..  I found that for me, 5 dots for the mouth worked well, and t…

24 Days Of Simple Christmas Crafts

24 Simple Crafts  that can be used for small Christmas gifts this season.  Why 24 & not 25?  Because 3 across worked better for the size of my blog.  :-)
Almost all of these can be completed in an afternoon.

 1 Tea Light Snowmen  2 Photo  Calendars  3 Dishcloths

4 Paint a travel Coffee Mug 5 Pajama Pants 6 Scarf

7 Candle Wraps 8
Ornaments 9
Tea Lighted Felt snowman