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I never thought, as a stay at home mom, that I would need a bluetooth.  And lets me honest, I do not "NEED" one.  But when my dad had his last heart attack and I was being bombarded with phone calls from family while driving back and forth to the hospital every day, it became a very worthwhile luxury, to use that 20+ minutes of one way driving time to catch the family members up by phone, using bluetooth hands free while driving.

Now that I have it, I found that I love it the most when I am out for my walks.  I can download podcasts and listen while I walk, or listen to an ebook.  It is easy to listen in just one ear, and leaves my other ear "free" to hear traffic, runners & bikers, (when I am on the paths & trails) and it is easier to stop and have a conversation - no need to remove headphones.

My Favorite Bluetooth

My son had a bluetooth from Staples, he hated it.  My husband borrowed it, and was unhappy with it as well.  I bought this one, a Plantronics Marque 2, at Sam's Club for $50:

The clarity is awesome.  I was walking through a corn field one day, in high winds, and when my son called me he couldn't hear any of the wind or noise - he had no idea I was using bluetooth for the call.  (I had asked him how it sounded when the call was complete)

Fully charged I have 7 hours of talk time.  It tells me how much talk time I have left as soon as I turn it on.  It plugs into the same charger I use for my phone to charge.

My favorite Podcasts:
This is my favorite each week -
It's my son's church, on the opposite side of the continent.  I love the messages, and love hearing what he is learning each week in church as well.  They did a 3 part series with a Duck Dynasty theme, and an 8 week series on Draw The Circle by Batterson.  

Focus On The Family Daily Broadcast:

OnePlace has SO many christian podcasts available, 

This is the app I am using for general podcasts:

I've added the Hello Mornings Podcast on that app, but have not yet listened to it.  

Don't Forget Audio Books:

You can download a new free Christian Audio Book each month here:
Some of these selections have been SO much better than I ever expected.  I've downloaded some of my favorite audio books, such as Stuff Christians Like, and Love Is A Verb, through this site.

You can often download (borrow) audio books free through your library too.  Check with your local library, ours uses:  (the link is often right on your libraries website, and you just need your library card to access the books)