Photo Calendar Comparisons

I've been working on calendars this week.  I REALLY like the prints at InkGarden, and it is super easy to use.  I'm not liking the background options so much at Sam's.  Vista Print is really cheap with the $10 off coupon this week, but it's definitely not the prettiest, or easiest to customize.  Shutterfly saves my events (birthdays, anniversary's  and lets me add them to multiple calendars year after year..  which is a really nice feature.  I'll update this post more with my favorite features and prices, as I get my calendars completed.

In years past, I would use kits to make my own - but these days the prices are low enough that it isn't worth the time, ink, and hassle..  for a couple of dollars more, I can end up with a much more professional look.

I think Groupon had some deals on Photo Calendars earlier this year, and I'm wishing I had paid more attention.  I will from now on!  Google the company + coupon and you are likely to find coupons for Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Mixbook.  I found some good ones for Mixbook right now.  Let me know if there are any other companies you have used and would recommend.

In order by price:

Vista Print Currently has their calendars on sale for $7.99  Normally they are $16


8.5 x 10.5 is just $9.96
WalMart appears to have the same calendars for $12/00


Mix books prices are the same as Shutterfly's, so they are more than 2x the cost of the Sams club calendars, but the designs are fabulous! 


$18.99 Normally, but currently 40% off
(there seems to be a steady supply of Ink Garden coupons and sales)
Shipping seems high on this site, but I really love the quality of the items I have received from them so far.  And the design choices here are some of my favorites - this is one of the easiest sites, in my opinion, for fully customized calendars.


12x12 normally $29.99  40% off  $19.49
8X11 normally $19.99   40% off $15.39
The advantage of Shutterfly, for me, is that I am usually ordering photo books from them anyway, and I usually have a code for free shipping.  I also usually have at least some of the photos already in there.
8.5x11 $19.99

Available in sizes: