Step Two - From Dream To Plan Of Action

Step One can be read here:

This is the phrase that shuts my brain right down:

"Spend a few minutes day-dreaming about what your ideal life would look like five years from now..."

I don't like this usage for the word dream. It is hard for me to reconcile the definition "a strongly desired goal or purpose" with "a state of mind marked by abstraction or release from reality".  If I make a list of my "dreams", how do I know that my desired goal isn't just an abstraction, or release from reality?  But that's for another post.  :-)  Gloria Steinem said that dreaming is a form of planning..  I'd have to give that more thought.

My next obstacle is that in 5 years my life will be, most likely, VERY different than it is now.  Right not I'm a homeschooling mom of 3 teenagers on a farm in central PA.  In 5 years, all of my kids will have graduated.  It is likely we will be empty nesters.  It's also likely I will have started working outside the home again, for the first time in over 20 years. I'm thinking I'll want the extra spending money to travel to see my grandchildren..  If I do dream, it's of grandchildren.  :-)

But I can't be thinking about a job outside the home right now.  I won't be looking for a career, just a part time no super skills needed, earn a little extra money for traveling to see the grandchildren job.  I can pray about it now - but any immediate job openings are pretty likely to be filled long before I need them.

And I can't be dreaming about an empty house, when the laundry and dishes are currently overflowing and the insane carpool rotation would confound all but the most organized of personal assistants.  That would be a quick route to discontentment.  

So where CAN I focus?
On my weight.  And our finances.  Because if I'm dreaming, it's probably of traveling to visit grandchildren, and that will be easier to do if I am thinner, and have more money in the bank.  :-)  Rather than get too caught up in 5 years from now, I'm going to go back to my rocks from yesterday.   

Then, according to the article I am following, I am to write down 5 goals for the next year.  I'm taking 5 from my Rocks.

1. Invest in the lives of others
2. Be physically fit - 50lbs lighter, able to run 3 miles in 30 minutes
3. Respect My Husband
4. A Clean House
5. Fiscal Responsibility

Setting Manageable Goals:

The next step is: "Set five manageable goals for the things you would like to accomplish in the next month, then repeat this process every 30 days."  I can do this.

1. Meals. To one person each week.  (Invest In others. This is not random, this is from our Sunday School lesson, something that has been on my heart that I really specifically do not want to do but know I need to be doing.)

2. C25k.  I'm already on week 3, so in one month I should be about finished, and much closer to my goal of running 3 miles in 30 Minutes.

3. When my husband gets home I will stop what i am doing and focus on him for 5 minutes.  This is such a basic, I should always be doing this, step that it's sad it is a goal.. but after 22 years of marriage, I find that I'm taking little things for granted and forgetting their importance.  (Respect my husband)

4. FOLLOW my weekly cleaning plan.  And Clean the attic.  (Clean house)

5. Weekly budget review/discussion with my husband (Fiscal Responsibility)

A Plan of Action

This is all great, and feels do-able, but the truth is, without a clear daily follow up, it will all be forgotten soon.  So how can I remind myself of all of this?

1. Set one day a week where I cook extra for the freezer/another family.  Put this right on my weekly to do list.  

2, This one is already on my calendar, my c25k runs are scheduled just like appointments.

3. I just set an alarm on my phone, for 10 minutes before I expect my husband to arrive home each day.  

4. I scheduled a block of time into my agenda each day, to follow my housecleaning plan.  A reminder will pop up on my phone 15 minutes before that time each day, to remind me to get to work.  I created one long list, under headings by day, of what needs to be done in each room, and made it a widget (using mobisle notes) that i can check off right from my phone screen as I work through the list each week.  (at the end of the week, choose setting, uncheck all, to have a brand new list to check off next week)

5.  Again, it's scheduled.  On the calendar, as an appointment, with my husband.

And lastly, to remind me to come back and do this again/review in 30 days, I added it to my to do list ( with a reminder set for next month, to come back to this post and do this again.