Screen Shot - My Football Night Phone Screen

I use the home screens on my phone a lot - one for each category.  This is the one I have for Friday Night High School Football.  The team roster is really the big thing here, I can reference it quickly and easily without carrying the paper with me - which is good mainly because I'm always giving my paper copy away.  :-)

Apps used: 
GoLauncher EX (for unlimited extra homescreens)
Android Photo Widget (to display the roster for our team)
TweetCaster (to live tweet from the game)
Pages Manager (To update the team facebook page)
Camera ( I keep the long lens on my camera & use my phone for non zoom shots)
HUDL  (our team uses this to store game videos)

    To take a screenshot on most of the Samsung phones, hold down both the Home button and the Power button at the same time.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It takes really, really good photos (the background I use as wallpaper on my phone, seen in the screen shot above, was taken with this phone), but I do still miss the physical keyboard on my old Droid 4.