HGP Wk 5 - Master Bathroom Week

Oh, how I wish we had a master bathroom.  In a 200+ year old farm house, we have two bathrooms, and only one with a shower.  My MIL raised 5 kids in here and managed just fine with one shower, a fact that amazes me daily.  Because this is a FARM.  You can't just have kids skip a day showering, they get really dirty here.  

But enough of my whining.  The main bathroom, although not the master bathroom, sure needs attention, so it is where I will be working this week.  It does not work for me to just add "Master Bathroom" to my list, I won't get to it.  I need to break it down into manageable sections, scheduled into my day.  This week it looks something like this:

Project: Cleaning The Upstairs Bathroom

The Holiday Grand Plan For Cleaning The Master Bathroom can be seen here:

  Replace the seal under the toilet (it's leaking - yuck!  Since my husband has Mondays off, this is actually on his list for the day.  The toilet and floor will get a good scrubbing to finish this project, I'm sure),
 replace the shower curtain liner,
 hang new cabinet, 
 clean out closet
 Remove the corner stand, take it outside and hose it down

This is all the stuff we bought at our towns community yard sales this week-end.  The white cabinet was $3!  The bottom, which you can't see here, is a towel rack.  I bought this to hang in our  bathroom.

                      Before                                                    After

It still needs decorated, and I really did not need to add MORE storage to this room..  but this looks so much nicer!

 Scrub the tub & shower (we have horrible hard water here, that turns everything orange, even with the expensive culligan water system we have.  We're looking at new water systems this week - possibly switching to a hydrogen peroxide based system if it's not too expensive...  but for now, I go through a bottle of the Works shower cleaner each week. It does a good job)
    Clean out all the storage containers in the shower  - remove the corner shelves?
    Clean out all of the drawers/under the sink
    Clean all the globes in the vanity light
    Dust all the decor on the top of the vanity
    Clean out the vanity - find a better use for that space.  

I didn't get before pics of the vanity, but it was a jumbled mess of assorted medications no one uses (we store our medicines in the kitchen) contacts that were out of prescription two years ago, hair gel that no one in our family has ever, to my knowledge, used...  Now each of the three sections of the vanity (one section shown above) is assigned to one of the boys.  That is where they are to keep all of their contacts, razors, toothbrushes & toothpaste.  Before they each had a drawer, and the drawers were just a jumbled mess of things they never used.  I think this will help them keep things neater.

Note - we had the Culligan rep out this week, a new system will cost us $3,000.  Ouch!  We're looking into WaterServ & a peroxide based system, and also looking into just having our current system fixed rather than replaced..  but Culligan would much rather sell us a new one than help us fix the old one.

Someday I want to remove our shower surround and put up a tile tub surround.  Like this.  http://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/how-to-install-a-porcelain-tile-shower-surround/index.html

I cannot believe how dirty the globes were.  Washing them made a big difference.  

These shelves are as deep as our shower is wide.  There really is too much storage in this room.  I should probably store sheets in this closet, or something..  by the time I finished this room I had two full garbage bags of empty containers and containers of stuff we were never going to use.

Wednesday - Errands day
    Buy extra light bulbs (the vanity goes through a lot of them)
    Price new towels - look into buying each person their own color
    Look for a new curtain for the window
    Clean/replace the scentsy scent
I did not find a new curtain.  I have lots of material in the craft closet and may need to consider sewing something..  but for now, this one stays.  We have no neighbors behind us, just about 90 acres of our land and a big hill - so lace works ok in this window, privacy is not a big concern, and this is on the second floor, not ground level.

Vent Before - rusted.  It was hidden behind the corner shelf, so I didn't realize how bad this was until I pulled the shelf out to wash it.
After - a coat of Rustoleum textured paint.  I found this works really well on the vents here, it hides a lot.

Thursday - my normal bathroom cleaning day.  
    All Mirrors/Glass
    Wash the Window
    Wipe down the walls
    Scrub the floor by hand
    Use homemade furniture polish on all the woodwork/baseboards 
    Wash the curtain (or replace, if I find a new one)

This week I finally replaced my Dyson vacuum - which I have hated from week one - with a new Shark vacuum.  It came bundled with a steam mop that I used on the floor in here, I really love that steam mop.  And the vacuum!
I left a lot of empty space in the decor - I am sure I will find items to fill the spaces soon enough, probably right here in my own house.

Friday - Finish anything not crossed off the above list, or anything I noticed I needed to add to the list.

Things I forgot:

  • wash the fabric shower curtain
  • clean the track lighting
  • add all of these chores to a seasonal cleaning list, to repeat each 6 months, in my to do list app.

I added a new memory foam bath matt - it's nice and soft, but I'm worried it will constantly hold water.  There isn't a lot of drying time between showers around here.