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Finally, Finally, Organizing The Garage

For the past 8 years, I have been threatening to burn the garage down and start over.  We clean it every other month or so, but it returned to this state over, and over.  Mainly because nothing really had a place.  All we did was move stuff into organized piles and sweep around it, when we cleaned.


Recently we've had trouble with our garage door.  A few cheap parts fixed the problem, but while we waited for the parts, the garage was open almost all the time - looking like this.  We many not live near the road, but we have a lot of people in and out here all the time.  It was embarrassing.  The farm is a mess in general, but this mess I took particular offense to, and determined to conquer, once and for all.

First we took EVERYTHING out.  Even out of the rafters.
Then I pressure washed the garage.
Then every item was sorted, cleaned (at least dusted off) and put back in labeled containers.
Then the guys build shelves for along the back wall, all out of scrap lumber.

The old filing cabinet (it was free) is perfect for holding the power tools. The cordless drill sits in a divided drawer, with a cord running through the back to charge it while it is in there. The front part of the drawer is all drill bits. Circular saws get their own drawer, saws all another drawer...

All of the tubs are labeled, and we got rid of a LOT of stuff.  Now I can actually walk in here and find any tool I need!  

The shelf hanging from the rafters is full of stuff that belonged to my grandfather, and my husbands father and grandfather.  Stuff we never use, but didn't want to part with..  including the collection of license plates.  


Part of the insanity here - that air compressor can only plug in to one outlet, which is located diagonally across the garage.  It was being stored as far away from the outlet as possible.  NOW it is stored directly under the outlet - little things like that make this all so much better!

This area isn't completely finished yet..  but the shelves are up, and everything that was in the garage is on them.  Camping stuff from the attic will be added, and when we clean the shed & basement, there are more items that will go on here..  for now, I'm enjoying all of that empty space.

I plan to paint the board that is in the broken window pane - and add a Steerlers Fan Parking sign over it.  My favorite part of these shelves, other than them being all scrap wood that we used up from a pile in the shed, is that section beside the toolbox, for the bag chairs.  Those things have always been a pain to store, but we use them a lot around here, for outdoor movie nights, doing corn, etc.

I even have room for a box, up on the left corner, to hold empty spray paint cans, which we use for target shooting.  

(almost) AFTER 
Not quite done here, but major progress.  An olympic weight bench will go where those buckets are.. the buckets are full of metal to be recycled - stuff we cleaned out of the tool bench.  We'll add a white board over here too.

Total cost for this project: Less than $20, in cleaning supplies, and a few organizational touches, such as the $2.50 belt hangers from Dollar General, that I am using as wrench holders, and a tension curtain rod, to hold safety glasses there in the window.


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