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Hiding The Electrical Box

My front porch drives me nuts.  It is always dirty and dusty, it's narrow, the cement is cracking, the dogs sleep on the chairs, and often bring dead things onto the porch.  
I can't change most of that.  But that electrical box?  That I could do something about.
(the cabinet there holds all the misc sports stuff - wiffle ball, volley balls, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, croquet set, bocci ball...)
To hang the curtain, we drilled into the siding and placed eye bolts in, then hung the curtain from a heavy dow rod run through the eye bolts.  We get heavy winds here, so I wanted something extra sturdy.

Finally, Finally, Organizing The Garage

For the past 8 years, I have been threatening to burn the garage down and start over.  We clean it every other month or so, but it returned to this state over, and over.  Mainly because nothing really had a place.  All we did was move stuff into organized piles and sweep around it, when we cleaned.

Recently we've had trouble with our garage door.  A few cheap parts fixed the problem, but while we waited for the parts, the garage was open almost all the time - looking like this.  We many not live near the road, but we have a lot of people in and out here all the time.  It was embarrassing.  The farm is a mess in general, but this mess I took particular offense to, and determined to conquer, once and for all.
First we took EVERYTHING out.  Even out of the rafters.
Then I pressure washed the garage.
Then every item was sorted, cleaned (at least dusted off) and put back in labeled containers.
Then the guys build shelves for along the back wall, all out of scrap lumber.


Grilled Bruschetta Portabellas

Portabella mushroom caps Tossed lightly in olive oil, sprinkled with sea salt, and grilled
While still on the grill, top with Bruschetta Add shredded cheese (montery jack is good) and grill until cheese is melted
add a sprig of basil

Button Bracelets

This is such a quick and simple project.  For some we used jewelry cord, for some we used embroidery floss.  Cut about 18 inches of cord or floss.  Fold it in half, tie a knot about half an inch in (as shown on the right on the photo above)  Run the cord or floss through the buttons, tying a knot behind or between each button to hold them in place.  The loop on the left then wraps around the button on the right, to form the bracelet.  

Quick, SImple, Cheap - Homemade Ice Packs

1 cup rubbing alcohol 2 cups water zip lock bags blue food coloring (optional)
Mix, freeze.  
That's it!  SO simple, and these are awesome.  Do some in gallon bags for more flexibility around knees, etc - use the same amounts given here.  When frozen, these feel exactly like the expensive ice pack I paid a lot for, for Matt's knee.  
Next I want to sew some covers for these..  we can wrap them in dish towels for now, but covers are nice.

Finding Lost Facebook Messages In the "Other" Folder

Do NOT click on the little messages icon beside the world with the number of notifications on it.  That won't take you to this folder.  Instead be sure to click on the word messages underneath News Feed, as shown above.

That will take you to a page like below, but it will show your regular messages by default.  See at the top left, beside inbox, the word "Other" - click on that.  That will show you the messages from people not on your facebook friends list.  Today all mine shows is a spam message, but I frequently receive genealogy messages in here, and have had some messages from friends in here.  

From the facebook Help Page:
How do I change my filter preferences for my messages? You can change your filter preferences right from your inbox:Go to your messages inboxIn the upper-left corner of your messages, click OtherClick Edit PreferencesSelect Basic or Strict filteringClick Save Messages that are filtered out of your inbox will appear in your Other folder. If a message…

Tips for Setting Up A New Android Phone

Again, I needed a new phone.  My latest Droid 4, refurbished, and sent to me just a few weeks back because I wore out the keyboard on my first one, no longer would charge on any charger other than an old bedside dock cord from 3 or phones back.  So here I am setting up yet another phone...

On My Old Phone

checked to see if there were any photos I wanted saved.  Since all my photos sync with google automatically as I take them, there was nothing there I needed to copy over, but I did check, just in case. (I've switched to syncing to the private folder in facebook now, since that is where the photos usually end up anyway)Take Screen shots of each of my screens.  On ICS, hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time.  Then I copied all of these into evernote to reference later.Copy all of my library out of aldiko.  Just to be safe, I jotted down the page numbers of all the books I am currently reading, so if I cannot just copy the library in, at least I will know where …

Summer Reading Recommendations

Rather than list off all of the books I hope to read this summer, I am going to update this periodically with the best books I read - my recommendations for summer reading:

The Devil In White City - Murder, madness, & Mystery at the fair that changed America.  
Wow.  Some reviewers have noted that this is two storied in one, but I think they are wrong.  I think there are closer to ten stories here, all woven together.  The creation of the ferris wheel (which was created to outdo the Eiffel tower at the Paris World Fair), the ship from Europe that began to go to the Titanic's aid but did not make it there, the start of frank Lloyd wrights career, the story of a delusional man who murdered the mayor,  and the obvious 1893 celebration of 400 years since Columbus' arrival (known as the worlds fair) and the story of one of the first known american serial killers, just to name a few.  
It does not read like non fic…