Wiifit Island Run - Follow the Dog!

My plan for next week is at the bottom of this post.
Follow the Dog, On Island Run

Last week I started doing the island run on wiifit.  I remembered my kids mentioning something about running ahead of your guide and following the dog, so I did..  fun!  The dog is right at the starting gate,  run fast so you go right past your guide and catch the dog.

He takes you on a different path, and you jump off cliffs.  Twice. 

I ended January with a 6.6lb loss.  Disappointing - and short of what I needed for the DietBet Challenge I was in.  I actually showed an additional 4lb loss early on this month, but that did not last.  

But I know where I went wrong. I  was not consistant enough.  Weeks of genealogy work kept me sitting on my butt, and weeks of 5 degree temps kept my husband and I from our afternoon walk. I did not add any additional inside exercise to compensate for the lack of walking, and I ate too much junk while sitting in front of a computer doing genealogy.

Still, all in all, 6.6lbs..  if I lose that every month this year, I'd lose almost 80lbs by years end.  Now THAT would make me happy.  

My plan for next week:
  • 20 minute Jillian work out between dropping Matt off at the weight room and picking him back up (Added to my evening to do list - put in Jillian dvd, set up, so I have enough to fit that in)
  • Walk 3 miles Monday & Thursday while Matt is at PT - I mapped out a 3 mile loop including the canal trail, and checked the weather, it will be in the mid 20's and 30's this week.
  • Walk every afternoon with Dan. 2 miles a day Monday - Thursday.  Friday we go horseback riding
  • 30 minutes wiifit every afternoon - tentatively right before lunch, but not sure how that is going to work for me
  • Saturday I'll spend the day walking at the Klondike - a winter outdoor scouts competition.
  • I keep forgetting to log my calories, so I set up a smart action on my phone to automatically open the my fitness pal app at lunch time every day.
It's  a lot - but I think I can do all of that this week. Not every week, but this week.  




  1. Consistency is a big one for sure. Here's to a week of goals met!


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