Tackle It Tuesday - The Craft Closet

I have two tackle it tuesday projects today..  the cleaning cabinet was in my weekly cleaning time today, because it is part of my regular weekly cleaning of the kitchen & laundry room, and part of my spring cleaning prep work.

The craft closet was my real project today - done in the time of my day reserved to work on my To DO list.  One of my goals this year is to finish up a BUNCH of these half finished crafts I have in this closet, so getting this cleaned up  should have been done in January.  Oh well, at least I got to it.  It really didn't take long..  

Before (views from different angles)



I had wanted to take an inventory of all the crafts I have to work on, but that is too daunting for me right now.  Instead I made a list of a few of the projects, by category, to tackle next:

Dog bed for Izzy
swiffer covers

Top of embroidery quilt
Windmill quilt quilted and binding on

Coffee cup
salt & pepper shakers
Trash Can

Finish granny square afghan
finish ALL of those scarves
Dish Cloths

Finish sampler
make snowman
redwork heart

Try sock loom
felt pillow


  1. What a big difference cleaning your craft closet made! Don't you just feel energized to start those fun projects now?


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