Tackle It Tuesday - The Cleaning Cabinet

Prepping for Spring Cleaning, Week One, Day Two

This week, for me, is all about evaluating projects and gathering supplies. The next few weeks will be tackling projects (like painting radiators and track lighting, sewing reusable swiffer wetjet covers & slip clovers for the living room chairs..) and then the first week in March I will actually get to the room by room spring clean.

Yesterday was Monday, so it was bedrooms & upstairs bathroom.
Tuesday I clean the kitchen & laundry room, which happens to be where my very messy cleaning supply cabinet is:



From yesterdays list - I found caulk in the garage and brought it in to warm up (to caulk the upstairs bathtub) found the paint I had already bought for the radiators, and put it in here with my other supplies..  and I added recipes for my glass cleaner & furniture polish to the door of this cabinet, so when it's time to make more of them, I don't have to go looking for the recipes.  (the gallon jar, second from the left, is glass cleaner.. I use it to clean just about everything that isn't wood, so I go through a LOT of it!)

When I cleaned out my craft closet today (Tackle It Tuesday Part Two) I found some leftover flannel from making pajama pants.  I cut the smaller pieces into squares and put them in the cleaning cabinet to use as rags, and I put the larger pieces on a pile to make swiffer wetjet covers next week.

Projects I wrote down from these two rooms:

In the Kitchen & Laundry Room:
  • paint track lights
  • fix towel drawer
  • How can I better utilize the area under the sink?  It will need new paper - smaller garbage can
  • Replace garbage can in laundry room
  • Go to the thrift store and look for a second chair for the kitchen
  • recover the footstool
  • fix coat closet door
  • get a bigger water container for the dogs 
  • new dishcloths
  • Return coffee pot?
  • sew swiffer wetjet covers
  • repaint windowsill


  1. When I empty everything out of my cupboard, I can see everything I have. Then if I have two of something, I try to use up the one that has less in it. I do this with kitchen cupboards as well as bathroom cupboards.


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