Spring Cleaning Prep - Week One, Day One

I'm tentatively planning to do my Spring Cleaning the first full week of March.  Maybe the last week of February.. I have not completely decided yet.  Today as I was doing my regular weekly cleaning (Mondays - Bedrooms &  Bathrooms) I started making lists of what I will need, some projects that can be done ahead (liking painting radiators and the upstairs bathroom track lighting) and generally thinking ahead.  Today I spent a little extra time cleaning the edges of the bathroom floor..  This is my list, in case it is helpful to inspire anyone else starting to think about spring cleaning.  :-)

For More inspiration:
Martha Stewarts Spring Cleaning Check List
A Pinterest Board Dedicated to Cleaning Tips:

In Our Bedroom:
  • buy new sheets
  • buy new pillows
  • Ask Dan to clean out his gun cabinet
  • Ask Dan to hang my jewelry cabinet
  • Buy drawer liner

Cleaners I will need:

The Upstairs Bathroom:
  • get caulk for the tub, and the floor in front of the tub
  • find a new planter for the plant in the window, potting soil
  • Measure the bottom shelf, look for a basket to hold the toilet paper there
  • find/buy a small basket to hold the wash cloths
  • Ask Dan about removing the track lighting and painting it
  • get some plastic baskets to organize the bathroom closet
Cleaners I will need:


  1. Good luck with the cleaning, its a tiring job to do but nothing beats the happiness of seeing a shiny tidy house.


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