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No Sew - Recovering the footstool

This embarrasment has sat in my kitchen for the last year.  Ok, maybe two.  I would often toss a throw blanket across it to hide the tear...  but that was as far as I got.

Why?  Because I was convinced there was some great, exciting, perfect new technique that I would want to try on it, and I didn't want to do something less than spectacular.  So instead I settled for embarrassing.  I know it makes no sense, but it's how I often work.  Or don't work.

Recently I bought the exact same color, same type, of fabric, planning to slipcover this until I found something more exciting to do with it.  (Because my dog sleeps on this, and I put my feet on it after coming out of the garden, fancy embroidery was not a good idea. Not that I DO  fancy embroidery, but I had ruled that one out anyway)

So today I finally pulled out the material, changed the thread on my sewing machine, and...  got sidetracked by cleaning out the craft closet. Then I walked past this and decided I should cut the extra material off the bottom before I covered it.

THEN I remembered the black spray paint I found when I cleaned out the cleaning cabinet today.

 Which reminded me of this fabric that was in my craft closet, meant for a tote bag and bible cover I never made.  And since I use a bible app on my phone these days, probably never would make.  I didn't sew a bit of this - not one thing.  Folded over edges, and a staple gun.  The bottom edge is the salvage.  Took me about 15 minutes, after the paint dried on the legs...  It is not perfect, it is not fancy, and it does not match the chair it sits in front of..  but I was planning to recover the chair anyway.  And this looks soooooo much better than the before!  :-)


One of my goals for 2013 is to complete 52 projects - mostly completing projects I already have started, and using up supplies in my craft closet.  I have a pinterest board where I am posing all of the completed projects, to keep track of my goal progress:


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