Rearranging the Living Room

I knew that once the tree came down, I wanted to try rearranging the living room.  It is a large room, but is an awkward room, with 3 windows, two doorways, and a fake brick wall that comes out 2 feet for half of one of the long walls (we think it hides the old chimneys/where the original fireplace would have been).  When we bought new furniture last year, we put it in the only spots it fit.  There really were no other options I could picture, at the time..  but a couple of months ago I started wondering "what if...".  :-)  I was hesitant to suggest this to my husband, because this would mean moving all of the tv/wiring.  The tv is actually quite light for it's size, but the fireplace/entertainment thing it sits on is not.  And the wiring..  that was a serious pain.  But it was worth it - I love this!

 Look at all that light pouring in through the windows! Before the furniture was against the windows, blocking some of the light, and wasting the view. This is much better! The couch, love seat, and Dan's recliner "float" in the room - something I never considered before. They are about 2-3 feet away from the wall. it's not enough space to put anything behind them, but it's enough that you can go through the doorways, and they all recline. 

 The tv looks bigger over here.  I think in part because of the difference in the floors here - it sits higher because the floor is higher on this side of the room.  Dan thinks is is also because visually it no longer competes with the doorways, but now it is right between the windows..  so I don't know.  I DO know that this mostly eliminates the glare problem we were having and should keep my boys from pulling the blinds every time they want to play on the xbox.

You can see here - I can't put the couch against the wall, it would block half the doorway. But by putting it about 3 feet out into the room, you can walk through here with no problems. I like this so much I can't figure out why I didn't think of it sooner. A small detail - but one that makes me happy - now all the Truckenmiller Mill pics are in the same area. The flour sack from the mill on the left, the article about the mill I had blown up and framed on the right, and the two pics on the far right are the mill, and the mill bank. I can use the corner cabinet back there (I picked that up for $3 at the amish sale a few years back) to display framed family photos now too..

Surprisingly, having that pink chair there does not obscure the view of the tv at all.

I'm not completely happy with the decor in here yet.  Some of it is the adjustment - I miss the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations.  At the same time, I have been reading  

Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon a Project, Read Samuel Johnson, and My Other Experiments in the Practice of Everyday Life .  

In the chapter on home, she  talks about "shrines".  Immediately I cringe from the word, but I like the concept.  Basically, she grouped things she liked together around her home.  Like my collection of pictures of the Truckenmiller Mill on the back walls here.  Or groups of family photos she changes by season - i LOVE that idea, and plan to include it on that corner stand behind Dan's recliner here.

“Plainness was not necessarily simplicity,” Frank Lloyd Wright cautioned. “Elimination, therefore, may be just as meaningless as elaboration, perhaps more often is so. To know what to leave out and what to put in; just where and just how, ah, that is to have been educated in knowledge of simplicity.”

That quote is also from the chapter on home, and is what I have been thinking as I try to rearrange the decor in this room.  When the furniture was in the other direction, throw pillows and extra blankets looked cluttered - but now I think throw pillows are "needed".  In other areas, I think there are items that need to be moved, or discarded.  It will be a process.  :-)