Home Management Notebook

My new Home Management "Notebook" - converted into a bulletin board format that works better for our family at this stage.  Inspired  by:

This is a really quick read - a bit more like a long blog post with printables than a book.  I've always had a home management binder, but lately it really has not worked for me - we have been digital for the last couple of years.  And yet, completely digital wasn't working as well as I liked either.  I was printing out a lot each week, so the kids had an actual physical list on the table to all cross off.    For someone just starting out, these are really great printables!  Her concept is purely a binder format.  

Reading this book inspired me to come up with a better system for our home.  There are some areas there is just no need to change.  For us they include:

  • Medical appointments/records - all digital, all stored in google drive.  I keep a form listing appointments by person, keeping notes on who needs physicals when (football, Venturing, Boy Scouts, Matt will need one for his drivers permit this year...)
  • Menus.  We keep one chinese restaurant menu on the side of our fridge.  We are pretty rural, there is NO take out out here, and no drive ins nearby..  we rarely eat out, and have no need to keep menus on hand.  
  •  nFreezer/Pantry inventory - I keep a dry erase board on the upright freezer in the laundry room, and I update it each Tuesday when I clean out the freezer and organize the pantry, before making my menu and shopping lists.
Everything else was a bit haphazard for me.  There was a print out of our google calendar, by month, over my desk in the hall.  A print out of the menu on our fridge. A "Plan for Our Week" usually went on the fridge, often the menu is included right in the plan.  The kids chores were listed on the hall bulletin board.  Our basic schedule was in google drive (Everything is in google drive actually, just some of it is printed as well)  After reading Getting It Together, I immediately gathered some paper from my scrapbooking supplies, and created this:

This section of wall is in a small space, a mini hallway of it's own connecting the old part of the house to the kitchen.  The wallpaper was torn and falling down - I removed it and exposed the paneling underneath.  Below is a "map" of the layout of the board:

Some of my forms and lists can be seen in other posts:

2 adults, 4 teens - One Calendar

 Goals& Expectations for January

Menu Plan

Kids Daily Chores:

Weekly Chore Lists
split into two sections - things I need to do, and things I can delegate to the children.  Each list is in a page protector, which can be crossed off with a dry erase marker.  I posted two of the lists, as examples, here:

The basket holds dry erase markers, and my yearly goals.  I will add my own daily schedule in here as soon as it is complete, I'm still tweaking it.  The small frame on the left has important phone numbers.  Dan just added the small ledge at the top  - I am going to use it purely for decorating I think..  but I haven't completely decided yet!  There are often little quick and easy crafs on pinterest that I want to try, and even have supplies for, but have had no place to display.  I think this may be a place to put some seasonal crafts.