Goals For 2013

January updates in Blue
One of My February Goals will be to consolidate these, & have details simply by month!

Prayer & Bible Study

  • Pray more.  
    • Organize my prayer list better.
    • Put new prayer prompts/verses on the cabinet door over the dryer
    • Put prayer cards beside my bed
    • Create a prayer list box for Sunday Dinner, have the children contribute more
  • Put more effort into BSF
    • do my homework DAILY instead of all at once - in the morning, or at bedtime?  Place beside my bed, see what works best.
  • Devotions for January:
  • Read the entire bible in 2013. I don’t think I will use a set plan, or the 90 day reading, this year, I think I will just mark off books as I read them through various devotions and studies, and make a point to read an extra book or two each month.
  • Encourage More
    • In January, send a card to each member of our sunday school class, addressing prayer requests and letting each person know I am thinking of them and praying for them.

Diet & Exercise

  • Lose 60lbs in 2013.  10 in January. Lost 6.6 in Jan
  • APRIL  is a huge month for things like ziplining, and possibly Summit? Get at least 30lbs off before then, and be in MUCH better physical shape so I can participate, not just watch!
  • Login to MyFitness Pal EVERY SINGLE DAY in January.  But do not quit if I miss the 3rd day.  :-) Did not do well at all! But I set up a smart action on my phone to help me do better in February.
    • Track my calories at least 5 days a week.
  • Log at least 30 hours of exercise in January 12.5 hrs in January
  • Drink 12 glasses of water every day in January Not even close.


  • Spend more time with the horses
    • walk up to see them every single day did this most days!
    • Brush them weekly
    • Set a time each week to ride - every Sunday afternoon?  Every Monday Morning?  Every Wednesday when Dan gets up?  Choose a time, with Dan, for the month of January. Chose Friday afternoons, but the weather did NOT cooperate.
    • Look into having my saddle repaired
  • Do better with my gardening
    • Start a more realistic garden plan, in February
      • set reminders in the life reminders app for planting dates
      • Plant less.  Harvest More.
      • Start plants from seeds.  Sell extra plants.
  • Once a week walk the farm with Dan, update lists and inventory needed repairs (Mondays)


  • Keep the House CLEAN
    • January - update my cleaning lists/schedules
    • January - Clean out every cabinet and closet in the downstairs
    • Deep Clean the kids rooms myself, once a month.
    • Clean the attic (early spring?)
    • Clean the basement, get the freezers out (hire help?)
  • Recipes
    • finish working through the recipe drawer with Meg, take pics, get it all made into one cookbook.
    • Organize of our favorite recipes into a printable book (have printed at Staples), with extra blank pages. (I've started adding them all into springpad, so at least they are all in one place and easily accesible.. then it will be easy to copy them into a cookbook closer to the end of this year)
    • Do a separate cookbook for Christmas Cookies/Holiday meals
  • Crafts
    • January - Inventory the Craft Closet
    • Update my project list
    • January - complete two projects, 1 project every month of the year. (I completed 3)
    • January - figure out what to do with my sewing machine - can it be repaired, or must I buy a new one?
  • Paperwork
    • new system for kids appointments/medical records
      • January - Heather dr, Matt dr, Heather eye dr, Dan eye dr
    • January - Taxes
    • Empty the filing cabinet.  Make as much digital as possible, reorganize our filing system
    • Reformat dan’s computer, give it away
    • clean off and reformat my computer


  • Confer Genealogy
    • lycoming county historical society trip
    • James V Brown Library
    • Complete Shutterfly book by mom’s birthday in July
  • Get everything in that basket digitized, and digitally organized
  • Get pics of Gary’s dad, talk to Aunt Margie
  • Plan trip to Aunt Myra  - this year?
  • Start a book on the Truckenmillers
  • Clean up the Truckenmiller Photo album, update it
  • Lewis book before Christmas next year


  • finish scout albums
  • 2010 album
  • 2012 album
  • Steelers album
  • ALL photos backed up off my laptop
  • ALL 2012 photos sorted, backed up by all appropriate themes
  • EACH MONTH - make progress in scanning in old photos.  Start with the box beside the filing cabinet, work my way through the attic
  • Start the 2013 family album in January, work on it EACH MONTH.

Read 100 books in 2013

  • January - 7 books:
  1. Happier At Home
  2. The Shoemakers Wife
  3. Confessions Of A Teenage Sleuth
  4. Getting It Together
  5. Not A Fan
  6. My So Called Life As A Proverbs 31 Wife
  7. The Good Wife's Guide, Embracing Your Role As A Helpmeet

Want to follow along with how I am doing with these?