End Of Year Organizing

This is all copied from a Facebook Status.  I could not believe how many of the statuses on my newsfeed included the word "bored" the day after Christmas, so I shared some of the items on my to do list, to organize for the new year.  You know, sort of like when your kids say they are bored, and you give them a list of chores.  it worked for my kids, they never tell me they are bored, so hopefully it will work with my facebook friends too.  LOL!


Sort out all of your photos from 2012. Get them off your camera,order prints, work on a digital scrapbook, make copies for family members.. whatever it is that you always think you will do with all those photos, but never do. If you are extra ambitious, make a slide show of the year 
and play it on New Years Day.

I like Shutterfly.  I make the albums throughout the year, and only order when they are 50% off and I can get free shipping. Some pics of the inside of last years album:



Sort your recipes and make a digital cookbook, maybe add some photos, that you could even use as a christmas gift for family members next year. Email family members for the recipes you enjoyed over the holidays. Create a file of recipes for Christmas next year, with your favorites all in one spot. Especially for those Christmas cookie recipes!

I kept a running list of our favorite recipes from all the family gatherings this year, to add to a cook book.  One year I made cookbooks as Christmas gifts for Dan's family, with old family photos interspersed with the recipes.  I'd like to make myself an organized cookbook of our family favorites, with pics, that I can have printed and bound at staples, with extra blank pages included..  I've been working on this for two years off and on, and have yet to come close to finishing it.  It's a goal, again, in 2013 to get it done!  For another christmas gift, I scanned in Grammie Smith's cookbook, added a few photos, and a quick list of the genealogy in the back.  These are great projects for January through March, then next Christmas, your homemade Christmas gifts are already done!


Organize all of your music. Get rid of the Christmas music you really do not like, maybe put all of your favorites on one flash drive you can pack away carefully with your Christmas decorations for next year.

Take photos of your Christmas decorations before you take them down. Note items you would like to buy before next year - extra lights, a new wreath, or take a picture of an empty area that you would like to decorate next year and keep the photo on your phone so you can look for items to decorate that area next year. When you pack your decorations away, put the photos in the box with the decorations, so you can easily remember next year where you used those decorations this year.


Write thank you notes.

Make a bucket list.

Look over the month of January - make plans with friends to go out for lunch, walk, see a movie..

Make a list of books you would like to read in 2013. (consider joining a site like goodreads, for new recommendations, and to track/rate what you read in a year)

Make some goals for 2013,then break them down into a plan by month, and weeks, to accomplish them


Sort your facebook friends list into close friends and acquaintances. LOOK at your friends list, visit the pages of some of the people on there that you didn't even remember you added.. post on some of their walls, ask how their Christmas was.

Sort your facebook photos, clean your albums up for next year. (Ugh! I have WAY too many pictures on facebook!)


Clean up all of your craft supplies

Inventory your half completed projects

Get supplies together in zip lock bags for projects

look at your schedule and figure out when you can work on these projects - at night while watching tv?  One day a week?  Set a goal to finish one project a month?

Browse pinterest, make a list of all the cute things you want to do for next Christmas, see what supplies you already have, and get started on one or two!

My Craft Closet
Last Years Project Inventory (in need of serious updating!)


or organize the genealogy info you already have.  

Consider putting your genealogy online, on a blog, to share with others.  Mine is here:

This is one of several genealogy scrapbooks I made at Shutterfly.  These make great Christmas gifts!
A look at some of the inside pages: