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Biking & Kayaking This Week

Dan was on vacation this week - but not a family vacation type week..  we had football and school work, band practice, and even farm work to accomplish this week.  Dan fixed the pond bank out back, built a new goat shelter, repaired some fences...

Mixed in with that work, we took a day to bike part of the Pine Creek Rail Trail
and kayak from Montgomery to Watsontown, where we spotted a golden eagle on the railroad bridge.
The details of both trips, with lots more pics, can be found here:
It was a great week- with a busy week-end ahead!  Next week will be a bit of a struggle to catch back up on everything I pushed aside this week..  but it was worth it.  :-)

salted caramel butter bars

I made these for coffee connection at our church, and so many people asked for the recipe that I posted it on facebook.  Just now moving it over here where it is easier for me to find it when I'm looking for it next time.  :-)
Salted Caramel Butter Bars
For the Crust: 1 lb. salted butter room temp 1 cup sugar 1½ cups powdered sugar
2 Tbs vanilla  4 cups flour
For the Filling: 1 bag (14 oz.) caramel candies (about 50 individual caramels), unwrapped ⅓ cup milk or cream ½ teaspoon vanilla 1 T. coarse sea salt (optional) To make the crust: In a large bowl, combine the butter and sugars. Using mixer on medium speed, beat together until creamy. Add the vanilla and beat until combined. Sift the flour into the butter mixture and beat on low speed until a smooth soft dough forms. Spray a 9x13 inch baking pan lightly with non-stick cooking spray. Press one-third of the dough evenly into the pan to form a bottom crust. 
Preheat to 325F.  Bake until firm and the edges are a pale golden brown approx 20 minutes…

Keeping Finn Company...

or trying to steal his pillow, I'm not really sure which.  :-)

Last week Finn had emergency surgery to remove his eye.  He's around 10 years old, as near as the vet can tell, and both of his eyes have (had) severe cataracts.  One of his popped out last week.  I admit, I was hyperventilating pretty good.  There was severe clotting behind his eye, and it could not be saved.

Because his remaining eye also has a severe cataract, he is mostly blind.  We think he can see some light and shadows, but he has been running into things the past few weeks.  It's much worse right now with the cone on, I think the cone gets in his way, and hope that when he gets it off next week it will be easier for him.

Poor guy.  Dan hopes Daisy will become a sort of seeing eye dog for him...  but I'm not sure.  Right now she just seems confused.

Booking Through Thursdays - QUICK!

"Quick–what are you reading right now? (Other than this question on
this website, of course.) Would you recommend it? What’s it about?"
Link up here:
Most currently would be Sweet Revenge by Diane Mott Davidson.  My favorite cozy mystery series, I'm catching up on the ones I had missed, and yes, I would definitely recommend them!  This is not my favorite in the series, but it's still a nice, cozy, read.
I'm also avidly reading A Year In The Life Of William Shakespeare in 1599.  So far I love this book - but it's an actual BOOK, not an ebook, so I don't have it with me as often, and it is not exactly light reading, so it will take me awhile.
The other books on this list?  I WILL finish Walden.  But with so many other fun things to read, I forget about this one.  And I've misplaced Retracing Our Roots and No Longer a Slumdog.  They are both on bookshelves around here somewhere, I cleaned thoroughly last month an…

BSF - Genesis Week 2

What Is BSF?  Read more about this bible study here:

"Conversational" is the buzz word for BSF this year.  Instead of straight question and answer format, our groups are set up to be more "conversational".  Which has changed the questions for our homework each week too.  
I know in the past two years I struggled with some of the questions, I couldn't quite figure out what the answer was that they were looking for.  This year, I really miss the old questions.  But it's only week two, so hopefully this will get better?  One of my favorite thing about BSF was how structured it was.  This year it feels like we are delving into all sorts of weird theories and wild speculations.  We're on week two and we are still on the first chapter of Genesis.
One of the controversial discussions we are pursuing is on whether or not a "day" in Genesis one is an actual, literal, day.  …

Summer Reading 2012

It's hard for me to define "Summer".  Technically it is June 21st (roughly) to September 21st (roughly).  For some it is from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  For others it is from the last day of school to the first day of the next school year.
For this summer, I am going to define "Summer" as the day after Memorial Day, to September 15th, because that is today, the first chance I've had to look over what I read this summer.  :-) 

my read shelf:

Books I Read This Summer (38 total)
My Favorites This Summer (4-5 Stars) Lady Bug Farm Series (3 books) by Donna Ball.   Perfect light summer reading!Born to Run - Nonfiction, and one of the best books I have read this year.  It's not dry at all, extremely interestingThe Dirty Life  - by Kristen Kimball - definitely one of my best reads this summer.  (think Farm dirt, not shades of grey dirt..  And no, I did not read Shades of Grey this summer. )Only Time Will Tell -1st in the Clifton Chronicles series by Jeffery ArcherI,…

Top 10 Tuesday - Books That Made You Think This weeks Top Ten Tuesday Theme is: Books That Made You Think
Since one of my goals this week is to review my summer reading list, this seemed like a great time for me to join in on this meme.  :-)  More of the memes I am looking at can be found here:
Like just about everything on this blog, and in my life, the page is "in progress".  :-)
Ten Books That Made Me Think: (in reverse order of when I read them, because that was the easiest way to copy them from goodreads)
1.  The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball A book about the beginnings of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture - you buy a "share" of the farm or gardens produce for the year) and the difficulties of farming in general.   Think: Buy Fresh, Buy Local.   My Take Away: I'm so lazy - I could do so much more with our farm!   My Review: 
2. Born To Run by Christopher McDougall…