Corn in the Kettle - Take One

This was my first time inviting people to come do corn at the farm.  At first I wasn't sure anyone would show up, then I was afraid too many would show up and we wouldn't have enough corn, then I worried the corn wouldn't be good, then I worried the kettle wouldn't work...

It didn't all go quite as smoothly as my ideal vision (NOTHING in life does) but overall, not bad.  We do it again on Tuesday, and I think I can be even better prepared.  It took a lot longer today than I thought it would, but a lot of that was getting my own kids motivated, and setting up things I forgot about - like coolers with cold water for when the corn came out of the kettle, and containers for holding the corn that we were cutting off the husk.
Lori, a relative, drove 2 hours to do corn here, and she happened to be a pampered chef representative. I am in LOVE with the pampered chef kernel cutter, and highly recommend it for anyone doing a lot of corn!  This is not our grandmothers kernel cutter..  not even remotely.  I bought both of the ones she brought with her, so we'll have them for Saturday.
Photo: Picking corn
Dan picked the corn this morning..  he's a little fussy about what and where we pick, so the boys helped carry the buckets out, but he picked pretty much all of it.  650 ears!

Photo: Starting the fire for the corn today
Matt starting the fire - for under the butcher kettle.  This was about 7:30am, the fog has been thick here ever morning this week.

 We put EVERYONE to work around here.  Little boys can load corn from the truck into buckets for us to husk, young goats can help husk..  LOL!  Addie (the goat) was soon put back in her pen, her husking skills need some work yet.

 Husking corn

The fire pit is always in the front yard - we do campfires here often.  The thing the kettle sits on we bought at a public sale.  It keeps the wind from putting the fire out, making the heat more concentrated under the kettle.  It is really great when making soup on windy fall days, but it worked really well for today too!

Corn in the kettle

The boys, taking the corn from the kettle to the cold water.
The net Dan and Luke made for taking the corn out of the water.  Dan cut it quickly out of plywood, Luke strung paracord to make the net.  This is the cloudy, starchy water at the end of the day.

All the husks went right into the goat and steer pens, we had happy animals here today!