Ironing out a water mark

This would be what happens when you put a box with a hot stromboli in it, directly on my kitchen table.  Fortunately, this time I knew what to do about it.  In the past, for water rings on this table, I tried mayo.  It never worked.  I had resigned myself to sanding down, and refinishing the table, once the kids were a bit older.  (This belonged to my husbands great aunt - one of my favorite relatives)

This table has been waxed.  A lot.  Not by me - I got it this way.  It actually has thick foam protectors to cover the entire surface, so that it is protected all the time..  but I never quite understood why I would want a wood table top, just to cover it in foam and vinyl?

Anyway, I saw an episode of the Revolution, and learned that on waxed finishes, mayo does't work.  That you need to use heat!

A soft cloth, and an iron.  Do not let the iron set, keep it moving.  And this isn't instant..  it will take just a few minutes. 

But it's so worth the results!