Planting Sweet Potatoes

a great post on how to grow sweet potatoes, with pictures and a video:

On my garden plan, I have a spot for "vine-y thing that amuses me".  I didn't know what I wanted there, but I figured I would come across something at the green house.

I did.

Sweet potatoes.

I've never grown sweet potatoes before..  so after planting them in the ground, I looked up how to plant them.  Yeah, I should have reversed that process.  They can't stay where they are, it sounds like they would take over that entire area....  and the ground up there is not really soft enough.  So I'll add a long raised bed in the back yard, and move them, and look for something else for that empty spot in my garden.  I'm sure I will find something.  :-)

Growing sweet potatoes2 300x199 How To Grow Organic Sweet Potatoes and Yams
These vines are so pretty..  I don't think I got a purple leaved variety.  But I will next year!
This site, from the photo above, has SO much information on how to grow sweet potatoes.. It's almost overwhelming,there is so much here:

My favorite articles tell about others experiences growing things, that is what this article is..  although it's a bit larger scale than I plan to plant.  This year, at least.  :-)

Black plastic is suggested for us northerners, to warm the soil up earlier.

Over all, it looks like the important things are:
Do not over water.  Near harvest, do not water at all.
Plant in loose soil.
Be prepared for the vines to take over the space.

Another informative article