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Our kids are all tall.  No surprise there, my husband and I are both 6ft tall, and both of us are shorter than our cousins.  Our youngest is growing SO fast though..  at one point, about a year and a half ago, he grew 6 inches in 6 months.

That's hard on your body.

For Matt, it caused a condition called "Osgood/Schlatters". Essentially it means his tendons couldn't keep up with his bones.  It cased a bulge under his knee, that if you touched, would bring him to the ground.  Severely painful.  He needed a knee brace for all physical activity.  Football, basketball, running in the yard - all impossible without the brace.  This is not a weak kid, he has a high pain tolerance, but this knee was causing him constant, significant, pain.  He couldn't sit with his knee bent.  He couldn't do squats in the weight room.  (His friends call this "the Oscar in Matt's knee", as in "Matt can't do the squats, because of Oscar.")

The Mayo Clinic we…

Donkey, The Donkey

Look what I bought at the Amish Sale on Saturday.  :-)
We've been wanting a Donkey for awhile.
What for, you ask? Why does everyone insist on asking me that?  I have 141 acres. I have 4 teens to help with animal chores.  I have pastures.  I have a lot of hay.  I often have animals because I like the way they look in the pastures.  Think of them as lawn mowers.  

But the donkey can be useful as a livestock guardian, to help keep the coyotes away.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex9396 Donkey has already taught Jet, the farm dog, who is boss - kicking him right out of this pasture.  That is nice, Jet scares Alfred, so Donkey keeps Jet away.  (Jet is also necessary to alert us when the coyotes, or annoying people, are too close)
And our Pastor's wife has been wanting one for the Christmas program for years.
And this one is soooooo friendly and sweet.  That's another reason we have some of the animals - simply for our friends children to visit and pet them.…

At The Livestock Auction in Dewart Today

At the Livestock Auction this afternoon The sale seems to run later and later every week.  It is almost 3:30 now, and there is still a pen and a half of sheep before they will get to the goats.

Lots of changes here in the last year.  The computer system is a great upgrade.  We used to have to wait for the paper slips to travel up to the office before we could pay for what we bought.  Now we can walk up immediately, pay, and leave.

They used to sell the sheep after the goats and poultry, now they sell between the calves and goats.  I don't know what prompted the change, but it used to be you would only see a few sheep here. Often none at all.  This spring there are full pens of sheep, every week.  Sometimes there appear to be as many sheep here as there are calves.  There is one pen of really adorable yearlings, with long pretty fur. Another pen has 8 older sheep that do not look healthy at all.  :-(

There is a lot more poultry here ever& week too.  We brought in a crate of sex…

Planting Sweet Potatoes

a great post on how to grow sweet potatoes, with pictures and a video:
On my garden plan, I have a spot for "vine-y thing that amuses me".  I didn't know what I wanted there, but I figured I would come across something at the green house.

I did.

Sweet potatoes.

I've never grown sweet potatoes before..  so after planting them in the ground, I looked up how to plant them.  Yeah, I should have reversed that process.  They can't stay where they are, it sounds like they would take over that entire area....  and the ground up there is not really soft enough.  So I'll add a long raised bed in the back yard, and move them, and look for something else for that empty spot in my garden.  I'm sure I will find something.  :-)

These vines are so pretty..  I don't think I got a purple leaved variety.  But I will next year! This site, from the photo above, has SO much information on how to grow swee…

On The Farm This Week 4/20/12

The swan, across the road, is nesting.  This is the male, keeping guard so that no one disturbs her.
Wrangler is losing all of his fur.  It looks a bit like rainrot, but I don't think it is - I think he just looses all of his shaggy fur in the spring?

Red used to get rainrot - this is how bad he would get:


The calves are continuing to get big.  They are doing really well.


Aryiana is bagging up - we should have a new baby before long.  She's so huge - I'm hoping for twins, but she usually only has one. 

sold the sheep this week.  :-(  I know it was the logical thing to do - we need to downsize and prioritize.  The sheep were not friendly, and needed sheared every year.  They did not provide any income, they were just pets.  The man who bought them transported them in the back of a van, which made me nervous..  but he wanted them as pets, so I think it was the best place for them.


We are drowning in eggs!  After not having ANY eggs for weeks, we now…

Alfred The Alpaca

After a couple of months, Alfred was MISERABLE here.  He was obviously depressed. We found him a home with other alpacas, and he is very happy there - alpacas are a herd animal, and apparently goats are not always companions for them, Alfred was happiest with other alpacas.

Why did we get an alpaca?
     Because they are cute, and we knew someone who was selling one.  Yep, there are probably better reasons.  But That's all I've got.  :-)  He is intact, so if I can find some reasonably priced girls, we can have alpaca babies.  Which would be awesome.  (I just sold sheep because I didn't want to sheer them...  but we can pet Alfred.  We couldn't pet the sheep.  I'll learn to shear)

What do Alpaca's eat?
     Yep, I bought an alpaca without even knowing that.  So far I can tell you that he loves the grass.  He wasn't interested in the goats grain.  He hasn't touched the hay.   Good Website - (Thanks Google!)

What's the D…