Prepping For The Week-end

I love facebook.  Most of the time.  Did you ever notice on Fridays, how many post "TGIF" or some status about how glad they are that it is the week-end?

That is not me.

Don't get me wrong, I love the week-end!  But where so many of my friends view the week-end as a rest from their work week, I view it as the most chaotic, busy, messy, three days of my week.  Yes, three days.  Because my husband works 3rd shift Friday night, his week-end is more of a Saturday night through Monday.  But I have teenagers who, along with their friends, observe the more traditional Friday through Sunday week-end.  And I'm so thankful that I am able to stay home and accommodate that mix of schedules. Don't get me wrong, I am very, very thankful. I'm often also a bit tired.  :-)

This week-end adds in the time change, which is just... oh lets face it, it is miserable.  We lose an hour on Sunday?  But I am WAY overbooked for Sunday, I need an extra hour, not one less!

So how can I eliminate the stress and enjoy the week-end?  I plan.  I prepare.  I treat our week-ends like we are going away on a vacation.  I plan meals, I plan outfits, I clean & pack the car, I make snacks, I go over the budget I post itineraries...  today (Friday) is all about getting ready for the trip - and our week-ends sure can be a trip!  

This is what my list looks like (except in Evernote it is a checklist..  not sure where my check boxes went when I copied it here)

Planning For The Week-end

Things that need done EVERY Friday - 
quick clean the house top to bottom
work ahead in F, A, T
work ahead in BSF hmwrk
read ahead in b90days
check kids school work, make sure they are completely on track and caught up for the week
go over the week-ends schedule
go over the week-ends menu
go over the week-end budget
make sure camera battery is charged
check the weather forecast for the week-end - how does it change/effect our plans?

On the Go This Week-end:
Men's Breakfast
Latte Ladies 
Work Day at the church
Prom dress shopping
SS, Church, Youth Group
Coffee Connection (our turn)
Youth Group Snack (our turn)
Nursery duty (yep, all 3 things just happened to fall on the same Sunday this time around!)
GAB mtg
J.s family over to feed calves
Choir practice
PSSA's (remember, my week-end encompasses Monday)
Biking Bike Path

For Men's Breakfast:
Remind Dan to invite B.
Are boys staying for work day (does M. have a ride home?)

For Latte Ladies:
What time is S. meeting me here?
Put together my recipes & print copies
pick up flowers to thank P?
Have M. look at menu online before we go, for faster ordering

Prom Dress Shopping:
Are we taking 2 cars?  Where all are we going?
google options

SS, Church, YG:
Do I know my memory verse (our SS teacher has been challenging us - very cool)
Pick out my outfit, make sure it is ironed, hung all together
Check the kids outfits

For Coffee Connection:
I know I can count on cookies from Mrs. F.
make mint meltaways
make lemon cookies
make mini pb eggs
buy danish
make labels

GAB Mtg-
add brochure to my bag for church
mark areas with questions
get sand cup recipe from T.

Youth Group Snack:
ask kids - what to make? 

Family Over to Feed Calves
confirm time, tour dairy barn during milking?

check website, what are we singing this week?
listen to cd with Meg, practice!

PSSA's - 
What to take?  Calculator?  Snacks?  Water bottle?
check weather - bike path during test?
check historical society hours
check local find a grave requests, print
gym? Discuss w/ Dan
Planning the Week-end Menu

Then based on this, I adjust our menu for the week-end.  Fridays are traditionally pizza night here.  Often I will make calzones or Stromboli instead of pizza - but something "in the pizza family".  Sundays are traditional Sunday dinners.  Ham.  Turkey.  Roast.  Pork chops and stuffing.  With a lasagna in the rotation...   Sides are instant (I know, I know, but it is Sunday, week-ends are super busy, and Idaho makes a good instant potato) mashed potatoes, a vegetable, a salad, and applesauce or fruit salad.  When we have lasagna, we skip the mashed potatoes.  :-)  

Sunday after church we always have hotdogs & popcorn and sometimes ice cream.  The traditions - Friday night pizza, Sunday dinner, Sunday night hot dogs - keep my menu planning simple.

The next step in menu planning for the week-end is to see who will actually be here.  In addition to the schedule above, I now need to look at the kids work schedules, and remember that our oldest has sound team this month.  (That means he has to be at church an hour early - his brothers like to go along with him, and they go to Dunkin Donuts on the way to church, no need for me to make them breakfast)  I always make enough food on Sundays for an army, so we can invite extras at a moments notice..  but I know that this week our regular Sunday teenage guest is grounded and probably won't be here. 

Friday Night:
Calzones, Salad, applesauce

Breakfast - No cooking - Boys at Men's breakfast, girls at Not Just a Bean for latte ladies
Lunch - No cooking - no one home/full from a big breakfast
Supper - early, the boys will be "starving".  Steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, salad

Sunday - 
Breakfast - No cooking - leave a little early and stop by DD ourselves (love their egg white & veggie on flatbread!)
Lunch - Pork chops and stuffing (layered in the crockpot)
Supper  - hot dogs in sauerkraut (put them in the crockpot before we leave for youth group) popcorn

Monday - 
Breakfast - smoothies, sausage, eggs,
Lunch - grilled chicken, salad, potato salad
Dinner - leftovers

Now that I see the menu - back to the to do list to add the following:
Have boys sweep deck, get patio cushions from garage (maybe eat out side this week-end?)
Check with D., do we have enough gas for the grill?
make potato salad on Friday while baking
marinate the meats for the grill on Friday while baking
get sauerkraut out to thaw for Sunday night
make up a large bowl of salad
make stuffing ahead (use up the rolls the kids left the bag open on so they got stale...) for Sunday

It all sounds a bit nuts, doesn't it?  My week-end certainly will not look like the photo above.  BUT, if I get all of that list done today, it will be a great week-end.  I get to go out to my favorite coffee shop with a group of women that I love, and after I sit and talk with them over coffee and the best bagels around, THEN I get to go with my best friend, her daughter and my daughter, prom dress shopping (father daughter banquet dress shopping for my daughter - but she'll be wearing a "prom style" dress).  After that steaks on the grill, hopefully supper on the deck, here at home with my husband and kids.  We might even saddle up the horses and watch the sunset from horseback?

Then Sunday we get to attend  a church that we not only love, but that is truly a family for us.  I love our turns at the coffee connection - because I get to talk to everyone as they come through for coffee and cookies.  The GAB mtg will be quick, and I'm really excited about the ladies conference we are planning!  Then a normal rowdy Sunday dinner where I hear all about what my kids are up to, usually followed by a hand or two of Phase 10, or Skipbo.  After that "city" friends coming over to see the farm and bottle feed the calves.  That is going to be so much fun - I love to see young kids visit the farm!  Choir practice, youth group, and home to watch the Amazing Race before bed Sunday night.  A family tradition, we eat hot dogs in the living room, while watching tv.  :-)

Monday we'll have time to do our regular Monday chores, have lunch togther, and then go for a 15 mile bike ride while our youngest takes his PSSA's.  Most likely that will just be me and Dan, on my favorite bike path - and this is my idea of a perfect date.  

It's busy, no doubt about it, but it is relaxing too - once I get past all of the prep work.


  1. wow- I have often wondered how you manage. Didn't know that you were also a fellow findagraver. Love the blog and thanks so much for sharing.


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