Favorite Thing Friday - 8oclock Hazelnut

My absolute favorite coffee.  Whole bean, I grind it fresh each morning..  YUM~!
This week I couldn't find any in our local stores - this can be hard to find sometimes - so I bought a bottle of hazelnut sugar free syrup.  Blech!  Now, I should have known this would not be the same thing. Really I should.  I logically know that sugar free syrups are still sweeteners.  But I wasn't thinking sweetener - I was thinking hazelnut.  I drink my coffee black, no sugar, no cream.  Sugar free hazelnut syrup made my coffee sweet.  Hazelnut beans do not make my coffee sweet.


  1. My grandparents used to swear by that coffee. I have not actually ever try it. I hope that you can find it soon :) Thanks for linking up this week!


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