Tyranny Of The Urgent

On Tuesday mornings at our church,  we are doing the book Faithful, Abundant, and True
I have done Kay Arthur Studies before.  I have done Beth Moore Studies before.  I had never heard of Priscilla Shirer, and was nervous about her section in this.  (I lead the Tuesday morning group)  Wow.  Apparently she is the daughter of Dr. Evans (Sorry, I really don't know who he is either) and her brother was on the tv show The Voice just last week?  Others in our group knew this.

What I know, is that she has an amazing gift for speaking to moms.  We just finished the 4th video segment, so next week we move on to Beth Moore..  and I'm actually really sad that we won't be hearing more from Priscilla next week, as much as I love Beth Moore.

She shared from this book in her first video segment.  I went online and downloaded the book to read - it is awesome.  Now any of you who know me know that I use my phone for EVERYTHING (well, except phone calls..  I really dislike phone calls!) and it is always with me.  For me, it wasn't the phone that is the "urgent" in my life..  I still believe my phone makes my life run so much smoother.  I struggle more with the cleaning and day to day running of this home (and farm) being the "urgent".   And it was a confirmation for me, a reminder, that I want to spend more time with people this year.  It was my goal last year, and I made progress, but even more so this year, I want to invest my time with people, not just in keeping the house from being condemned.  (It's a mystery to me how 4 teens can make so much mess when they are all hardly home any more!)  

Any way, how it all applies in my life is irrelevant - you should read it for yourself.  It's really a fantastic book!  The version I linked to below has questions at the end, I am working on them today.

Tyranny Of The Urgent PDF:

"Gordon Govier, a journalist working with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship wrote, "When Charles Hummel wrote his classic essay 'Tyranny of the Urgent,' in 1967, he identified the telephone as among the worst offenders against our peace and complacency. And that was before we carried the offending instrument with us everywhere and embellished it with email, computers, cameras, downloadable ring tones and music files.

"The issue," Hummel said, "is not so much a shortage of time as a problem of priorities." Or, as a cotton mill manager once told him, "Your greatest danger is letting the urgent things crowd out the important."  "

There is another book by Hummel - Freedom From The Tyranny of the Urgent, but I have not yet looked at it...