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Tyranny Of The Urgent

On Tuesday mornings at our church,  we are doing the book Faithful, Abundant, and True
I have done Kay Arthur Studies before.  I have done Beth Moore Studies before.  I had never heard of Priscilla Shirer, and was nervous about her section in this.  (I lead the Tuesday morning group)  Wow.  Apparently she is the daughter of Dr. Evans (Sorry, I really don't know who he is either) and her brother was on the tv show The Voice just last week?  Others in our group knew this.
What I know, is that she has an amazing gift for speaking to moms.  We just finished the 4th video segment, so next week we move on to Beth Moore..  and I'm actually really sad that we won't be hearing more from Priscilla next week, as much as I love Beth Moore.
She shared from this book in her first video segment.  I went online and downloaded the book to read - it is awesome.  Now any of you who know me know that I use my phone for EVERYTHING (well, except phone calls..  I really dislike phone calls!) and…

BSF Seminar - Becoming A Servant Of God

I usually attend the BSF seminars when they are offered, they are often VERY informative.  I signed up for this one not really knowing what it was, and when I heard what it was...  I almost didn't go.  But I had committed to going with a friend, it was her first seminar..  so I was "stuck".  I'm glad - this turned out to be my favorite seminar so far!  (Homiletics would be my second favorite)

It was 20 minutes in group, and hour and a half of personal quiet time, 10 min group closing. Not a normal BSF seminar. And group quiet time made me nervous- I didn't know what to expect.

But I should have known BSF would do it well. We each received a 4 page hand out for our quiet time, and it took me an hour to read all the scriptures, answer the questions, do the personal reflections, and pray on the specifics. The last half hour I spent adding some of the verses to my flashcard app for memorization, cleaning up the titles on some of my you version bookmarks, and…