Preparing Goodreads for 2012

First I logged into GoodReads, and chose to view my books, All.

Then I chose to sort by date, so I could see which books I forgot to fill a date in for.  I need the dates filled in, so they register for the 2011 challenge.

2011 Reading Challenge
Congrats! You have completed your goal of reading 100 books for the 2011 Reading Challenge!

Then beside bookshelves, I chose "edit" and deleted some shelves I had added this year.

I wanted to remove all of the 2011 books to their own shelf, so that my "read" count only shows 2012's books, but I cannot find a way to do that.  Batch edit says it removed them, but it did not actually remove them.  Oh well.  I cleaned out everything in my to read shelf. If I haven't read it by now, I probably will not - some of those books have been in there for awhile!

First I looked here for what I might like to read next -
Then I looked at new releases coming in Jan 2012 (there has to be a better site for this?)
I want to read some Agatha Christie this year, I haven't read anything by her in many years..  I thought I'd start with her first, and see if I want to work my way through, or not.  I also have never read Dorthy Sayers, so I added one of hers to my to read list - a free one found in Aldikos free books.

I did not read David McCulloughs new book in 2011 - and I love his books. 

And this is where I am stuck. Do I want to make a high goal for 2012?  Is it silly to make a reading goal, when reading is something I naturally love to do?  Will I have time to read 100 books this year?  I did in 2011..  but I cut it right to the wire.  Some months I read a lot, others I barely read a single book.  I don't know what 2012 holds.  

I tried exporting all of my books from goodreads into a list..  but frankly, it's a pain, and not really fun to look at.  You can see everything I read on my goodreads shelves -  I wish there was an easy way to sort by genre on goodreads.

My most read authors in 2011:
I just discovered the flower shop mysteries this year, and read them all, so that explains Kate Collins topping the list.  They were nice light, implausible but amusing, mysteries.

James Patterson is a favorite of mine.  I don't like his Alex Cross series,but I do like his Michael Bennet series a lot, and have enjoyed the new Private series.

Some of the reason I read so much in 2011 is that I read so many light books like Debbie Macomber & Kate Collins. Fluff.

authorbooks read
153958Kate Collins12
23780James Patterson7
311349Debbie Macomber5
41268493Betty Hechtman4
589575Kathryn Lilley3
62384Janet Evanovich2
654493Kristin Hannah2
67383Melody Carlson2
62737Max Lucado2
62875124Heather Gudenkauf2


  1. Max Lucado is one of my favorite authors."Outlive Your Life" is one of my favorite book.


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