Good Morning Girls - 1 John

(disclaimer, I have not watched the video - I'm not a big fan of "vlogs" - I'd rather just read them.  I think all the pertinent info is in the text.)

After finishing the 21 day plan for Busy Women at You Version, I've been trying to find a light devotion for my mornings.  I loved the 21 day plan, because it was the same 4 questions each day, just applied to different text.  

I've been using the Parenting By Design devotion this week, but I am not loving it.  It's not a bad devotion, it's just not quite what I am looking for right now.

This week BSF starts back up for me, so I have an in depth study that will take a good bit of time each day..  I just want something light, to start out my morning, before my feet hit the floor.

So I was excited to see that Good Morning Girls is doing a study on 1John.  They are using the SOAP method, which I've had some trouble with in the past in a group setting.  The last time I joined a Good Morning Girls Group, I found that without context, or additional scriptures, it was surprising how different women could "interpret" the same scripture.  That is the one thing I think the SOAP method is missing - context, or additional scriptures.

The SOAP method, and more about how this study will work, can be found here - 

But for a one book study, of the book of 1 John, I think the method could work well.  (I will probably look for additional scriptures most days, but that's just me)  

The part I struggle with is finding a group.  Last time I ended up in a group of women in different time zones, with different ideas about what "up early" meant.  There is NOTHING wrong with that.  Nothing at all!   There's nothing wrong with doing your devotions at lunch time, or in the evening for that matter. But it was not inspiring or helpful for me, I was looking for encouragement to get up early and get my devotions done first thing.  In my life, currently, 10 am is half way through my day, not "first thing".  :-)

I think for a group to work, women do have to commit.  But to commit to a group of women without knowing anything about them, for an extended period of time, is tricky.  Before I join any group, I'll be praying this time!  And maybe I'll do the study without a group, and just check in by twitter myself.