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Porch Decor From The Dollar Store

This is porch week over on the Holiday Grand Plan.  I'm not quite ready to add mums..  but after all of that cleaning, I wanted to spruce the decor up a bit.  I found these fake flowers at the Dollar Tree, and made a quick swag out of them - 

A few more for in the crock, with some added peacock feathers (donated by our peacock)
and I added a fresh coat of black paint to the stand.  I got the stand for $1 at the amish sale a year or so ago. (the flag is my daughters color guard practice flag)
The porch still needs a lot of work, but this is a start.

Peabody's Tail

All that we have collected.  He's lot his entire tail now, so we missed a LOT of his feathers.  That's ok.Below is one entire tail - I collected every feather he lost one year, when he was caged, and made a swag out of it.  (He is free to roam the farm now)

Buying Our New Car..

To the back left, you can see my old van.  I had driven it for 16 years.  We bought it used, with 33,000 miles on it, when the twins were two and our other two children were not even born yet.  
Two weeks ago I traded it in, with 275,00 miles on it,  our twins now 18 years old, and their siblings being 13 & 14.  
So you see, buying a "new" vehicle is not something we had a lot of experience with.  We didn't buy new - out of our price range for one, and since they lose so much value the second you drive it off the lot..  not something we'd do even if it was in our price range.
So we knew we wanted used.  We knew it had to have roof racks for the kayaks, and after some research, we found that i really didn't like the aftermarket racks, I wanted the base racks preinstalled at least, we were willing to install after market crossbars.   We wanted decent gas mileage, and for our over 6ft tall boys to be able to sit in the back without turning their knees sideways.  In…

13 Books I have Loved This Summer -

Not in any particular order - 

Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson - thrillerLove You More by Lisa Gardner - mystery from a series, but I haven't read the series, just this book - the series characters are pretty much background in this storyNow You See Her by James Patterson - mystery - & a really good oneSisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares - beach read/friendship/romance.. but not just fluff.  It was surprisingly good!Moonwalking With Einstein by Joshua Foer - nonfiction, about the American Memory Competition.  Fun read!  It was nice to have this background before reading the fictional Before I Go To Sleep.Smokin 17 by Janet Evanovich - I love the Stephanie Plum series!10th Anniversary by James Patterson - a lot of Patterson's books are way too graphic for me, but I love this series.  This one and his Michael Bennet series are on my all time favorites list.Night Road by Kristen Hannah - I'm not a fan of Jodi Picoult, so it's kind of odd for me to compare this to…