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Geowoodstock Week - Warren County Pa

In 2011, Geowoodstock was held in Warren Pa, just a few hours away from us.  We camped nearby for the week, geocaching, helping with set up, and attending the event.  It looks like I started a sort of trip diary on our geocaching blog, but never really finished it...  I'm moving it over here, and will add some of the photos from that trip soon.

In 2015 we attended the Geowoodstock Event in Boonsboro MD - it was SO much nicer than the one in Warren.  I don't know if it was just the location, or the evolution of the event.

Monday  June 29 2011

8 finds today.  1DNF.

Stopped in milesburg at sheetz, for gas.  Found a nano.

On the way back to 80, stopped at a cemetery cache, with a nice uphill hike.  :-)

Next stop was SB Elliot state park, for a DNCR Legacy of Conservation cache.  Thats card #3 for us.  :-)

A quick c&d along 153, then a stop for ice cream at a nearby diner.  Took a minute to look at the app & found 5 caches nearby on a trail in the game lands.   We decided to bike it.  We do not have mountain bikes.  We  probably should have hiked. :-)

The first cache was Welcome (something or other, no 3g here, i'll try to remember to fix details later) and the cache description says its a micro, near the gate, 3ft high.  Also says gps will be inacurate due to tree cover.  Oh goody, a micro in the woods without good coords.  My favorite.  Not.  We moved on, hoping they all wouldnt be like that.

Thankfully, they were not!  One more micro, but an easy find.  A keychain cache, a ronald mcdonald toy cache, and a really cool snoopy cache.

Made it out of the woods with only one biking accident, thankfully not too severe.   I wouldnt recommend this for  casual biking.  Its a nice hike, or would be fun  for mountain bikers.

It was hard to drive through ridgeway and not do the AGT puzzle cache there, but we had to get moving- as it was, we had to set up tents in the dark.  :-(

Tomorrow  we volunteer at geowoodstock, with set up.  We'll  hopefully knock out some caches too, we still need about 190 to make geowoodstock our 1,000th find.  :-)

Tuesday - 

This morning we drove straight to the Warren fairgrounds after breakfast, to volunteer with setup for geowoodstock.  Our shift was 9:30-1:30.  It  was about 10 before anyone else arrived, and close to 11 before we really got started.  We swept buildings and set up chairs in two buildings, and put out chairs at the vendor tables.  Meg and I covered the vendor tables and hung a sign, Matt & Dan put lime lines on the field as parking guides. 

We didnt do much, but hopefully it helped.

On our way out we met a couple of cachers, and took a pic of jennie- a vw van travel bug (insert pic when i have time)  painted lime green with flowers.  They suggested the slopburgers at Richards Restaurant, said  it was the best coleslaw.   They were so right!  Better than primanti brothers!  And they use local raised good quality beef.  We were impressed.  It is really a nice family place too.

Grabbed a few caches from there, including the local travel bug hotel (end of the road from Is It Snowing Yet) and the cache owner was out.  His son has earned every single merit badge in boy scouts.  Amazing!  Our boys are all scouts, so datruck and him were chatting for awhile.  :-)

Found 3 of the AGT-Warren caches.  Planned to get all 6 today, but we really wanted to go kayaking...  only found 11 caches today, we are not racking up  big numbers on this trip, and logging gws as our 1,000 find is looking unlikely.  But thats ok.  :-)

Tomorrow we are headed to Erie.  Should be a big number day...  but we'll see.  We also want to go to the zoo, preque isle state park, and chick filA, as well as fit in some kayaking.  Theres an auto art virtual we are looking forward to seeing too. 

Dylan Trail
Near Chapman State Park
An 11 mile bike ride, beautiful scenery, 11 caches.  (It's 5.5 miles one way)

AGT-Venango-Southern Half

In Oil Creek State Park

 where the GeoWoodstock Train Event will be held.  For those of us too late to get train tickets, if we arrive early enough we can bike this 6 part geocache, and end very close to the event.  It is a 5 mile bike path, if you have to return to the beginning it will be 10 miles round trip.

Erie Bayfront Geotrail
Near Presque Isle State Park
57 caches along a 6 mile stretch - making it 12 miles total of biking, if you plan to bike back to your vehicle.  :-)  There is some great info on biking in Erie, here -

Presque Isle State Park 
12 mile loop
haven't mapped out the caches for this - I think we will probably drive this one and bike the bayfront.  See the link here for more info on the bike paths -


This is actually 11 challenges in one.  There is a coin for each county that you find 6 caches in, then an additional coin if you complete all 10 counties.

A possible plan for earning the Warren County Coin, while in the area for geowoodstock.

Go To AGT-Warren-Whispering Winds Cache, park at campground visitors center and walk less then half a mile.  There are 3 additional caches in the area of Sheffield

Next go to AGT-Warren-646 Mystery Well  There is one cache on the way, and two more right nearby

AGT-Warren - Blueberry Fields  Forever (Short walk, maybe some blueberries to pick?)
AGT Warren- Tannbark Rocks (short hike, 1.25 miles round trip.  Keep track of where path is, and make sure we park and start at the right spot - Tanbark trailhead)
AGT Warren - Contented Cache

There are other caches in this area, depends on how much we want to do.  

Night Cache -  1.5 mile walk, paths not clear, markers faint..  go prepared.

To redeem for our coin - Chapman State Park Office.  


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