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Farm Work Monday

My husband has Monday's off, so it's the day we try to get most of the farm work done around here.

This morning we knew it was going to rain..  so we skipped breakfast and got straight to work, hoping to get a bunch done before it started.  We did pretty good!

Moved the ram, Samson, from the front pasture with the goats, to the maternity pen with the sheep.  We meant to move him with the sheep earlier this spring, but couldn't catch him.  :-)  The shearer is coming on Wednesday, so we wanted all the sheep together and easy to catch..  which is why they are in the maternity pen, it's a much smaller space. 

 Earlier this spring one of the high wind storms collapsed a small shelter we had in the lower pasture.  It's been so wet, we haven't been able to get a truck into the field to clean it up.  We were able to get in there today finally!
Also from the lower pasture..  each year after a local town does their christmas tree collection, the boy scouts collect them and bring them here to the farm.  We throw them in the pasture for our goats, who love them!  Then in the spring we gather them all up and take them out to the fence row for the rabbits and pheasants.  We had three trucks full like this to take out today.

In the last series of strong storms (tornadoes touched down nearby) the roof came off the goat shelter, and the extra shelter on the back of the upper shed, for the horses, collapsed.  The roof, which was a heavy metal, of the goat shelter twisted like foil - it could not be saved.  So for now we brought down the roof from the horse shelter that collapsed (the horses have a barn  too) to give the goats shelter until we can rebuild shelters for them. 

The roof bends a little in the middle, but Dan assures me it's sturdy and will hold until we get the new shelter built.  This one took a beating in that last storm, it will hold, but we'll want to take it down and rebuild it completely before winter/heavy snows.

During the worst of the rain we cleaned the garage..  I got some the garden weeded and  the front flower beds cleaned out and planted with some flowers...

All in all, not too bad.  It's a mess out there, there's still SO much to do, but at least we made a dent today.


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