31DaysToClean modified - Living Room

Today's 31 DaystoClean assignment was to dust the living room ceiling and walls.  Normally I clean the living room on Fridays..  but since Dan was pretty sick, and hanging out in the living room, all day yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to do both the living room AND the bedrooms today.  :-)

I  can't just dust walls and ceilings - that seems silly to me.  My living room is small and cramped, if I'm going to do the walls and ceiling, I might as well just clean the room and be done!  So I did.  

Tools Needed - 
one bucket of plain water & wash cloth
Glass cleaner and cloth
dusting spray and cloth
vacuum & attachments

First I take all the blankets and pillows to the laundry room.  Throw pillows go in the dryer with dryer balls - the plastic spikey ones from the dollar store, and either a wet wash cloth or one of the dryer balls you can add water to a sponge in the middle of.  Fluffs and cleans them right up..  I then air fluff the throw blankets in the dryer too, to remove any pet hair.  

Then I start on one side of the room, and just work my way around.  Spray dusting spray on the cloth, wipe down pictures/items on wall.  dust wood furniture.  Move furniture forward, vacuum under it, vacuum baseboards, wipe down walls.

When I get to the funriture I pull it out, wipe it down with the wet washcloth, vacuum under the cushions, under the furniture, clean the wall and baseboards, put the furniture back.

When I get to the windows, I washed those too.   I didn't take the curtains down and wash them, I just made these recently, so there was no need.  I did vacuum them off using the brush attachment on my vacuum.

As I cleaned, I found items under cushions, under furniture, etc, that do not belong in this room.  I do not put them away, rather I make a pile right outside the doorway, to put away when I am done.  So I do not get sidetracked.

Last is the ceiling fan, and then I vacuum the center of the room one last time.

Before putting all of my cleaners away, I use the bucket of water and wash cloth that I used to wipe down the couch, loveseat, and chair, to wipe down the vacuum cleaner.

Then before I put everything away that is piled in the doorway, while it is still fresh in my mind, I update my to do lists:
- on Dan's list, I added that we need another light bulb for the ceiling fan
 - on the kids list I added that they need to clean out the crate of card games, and sort the wii games
 - on my project list I added that I need to clean out the corner cabinet ( a good tackle it Tuesday project)

Then I put the cleaners away, called the kids to put away all the stuff piled in the hall that didn't belong in the living room, and put all the throw blankets and pillows back in the room.  Last I took a small crock I found behind some books while dusting, and filled it with water and some flowers that are blooming outside the back door, for on our coffee table.

The entire process usually takes me an hour for the living room and dining room combined..  but it takes longer if I miss a week or two, or do a rushed job for a few weeks in a row.  The more consistent I am with my weekly cleaning, the less time it takes to maintain it.

On Friday I will clean this room again, along with the dining room.  It won't take me long, since I just did it today..  but I'll go the opposite direction around the room.  Today when i cleaned I went to the left of the doorway first, Friday I'll start to the right of the doorway.  I find I don't clean as thoroughly at the end of the room as I do the beginning..  I get tired, and rushed.  By rotating, I do a better over all job.

The only thing left for the #31DaystoClean will be to steam clean the carpets - I will do them one night this week, before bed so they can dry while we sleep.


  1. Holy wow, batman! I hate cleaning and dusting SO much! But mostly because it's a big nebulous thing. The way you itemized it, I think I could do that! Thanks for sharing! See ya on the #31daystoclean twitter feed... (@KristaBurdine)


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