31 Days To Clean Week 2 Fail & Plan

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

Well, that was a fail!  :-)  I have a list of good excuses.  A killer migraine wiped out half a day, and lingered off and on for a couple more days.  ONE week of sunshine after a month of rain, with rain forcasted for all of next week again,  made it silly to sit inside cleaning out cabinets...  there will be plenty of time for that when it rains all next week.  

How ironic is it that I'm making excuses on a week that was about laziness?  LOL!  I didn't really read a lot of the chapters this week, I admit.  I'm behind.  Cleaning my kitchen cabinets is a huge project - to do them all takes most of my day.  It's not something I can just fit into an already busy week.  So rather then move it to later on the list, I just sort of ignored most of the week.   Which was silly - cleaning my pantry only takes a minute, I do that every week, I could have split the kitchen cabinets into two days to even that out.  But I didn't.

Then add in the "6 things".  This drove me nuts.  First I couldn't decide what to include.  For my first list I came up with 6 things that were not on any of my other lists - not on my daily list, my weekly lists, nor #31DaystoClean.  Guess what?  With my normal schedule, homeschooling, gardening, exercise, farm work, cooking 3 meals a day, weekly cleaning,  carpooling, and our schedule.. There wasn't time to do 6 more things each day.  

So then I tried to make a more general list:

1. Bible Reading/devotions
2. dailies
3. exercise
4. school work w/ kids & paperwork
5. prepare meals
6. weekly chores
7. 31DaysToClean chores

That's 7 things.  And really it's just a list of my to do lists.  That's not very helpful.   It doesn't feel like the spirit of the assignment. But these are the most important things for me to get done each day.  And until I do them all, plus drive kids to activities/jobs..  there are only so many hours in a day.  I'm going to make a list of 6 things again every night before bed..  but  just for one more week.  If the concept doesn't work for me this week, I am going to let it go, guilt free.

I didn't properly prepare.  I didn't look ahead, list the chores, and make provisions for accomplishing them. I did not plan to succeed at this.  I've already decided to do better for next week - see the post right after this one and you can see my overview of my week, with the Martha and Mary chores already planned right in.  On twitter, another participant suggested setting a time frame and just doing as much of these chores as you can fit into those time slots.  That will be my next chore today, to plan out a rough schedule for my days this week, planning how long my to do items will take, and making time for those items accordingly.

Playing Catch up 
Blue is complete
Purple gets added to this weeks list

Monday : The SIX List
Mary - 6 things challenge - tried halfheartedly (see above) will give it one more week.

Martha- Clean all kitchen cabinets.  About half done.  I'm going to add one cabinet a day to my to do list.  I often have "clean one cabinet" on my daily chore list - it can be any cabinet in the house, but if I clean one a day, I usually keep on top of all of them. For the most part.

Tuesday: The Curse
Mary - Assigned bible reading, thoughts on the curse

Martha - Pantry (This is on my weekly chore list, every Tuesday)

Mary - Reflect on a time character was refined.

Martha Challenge:  kitchen drawers (I included this with the kitchen cabinets, so they are also about half done)

Thursday: Confronting Laziness
LOVE this quote! 
“So much attention is paid to the aggressive sins, such as violence and cruelty and greed with all their tragic effects that too little attention is paid to the passive sins, such as apathy and laziness, which in the long run can have a more devastating effect.” 
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Mary Challenge: stop putting things off

This is sort of funny..  since my motto this week was pretty much "lets do that next week, when it's raining".  :-)  I'm not feeling guilt over that though..  and since we did things like walk the route for the JesVic 5k, bike 14 miles, go kayaking..  I'm really not feeling too lazy either.  I DO think this needs balance, and that this week we really will have to buckle down a bit more here at home..  while it's raining outside.  :-)

Martha Challenge: Kitchen -  floors. Flowers.

I love flowers!  I keep vases of flowers on the dining room and kitchen tables pretty much year round.  :-)  Currently there are red roses on the coffee table from Mothers Day, peach roses on the kitchen table, and ajuga in the dining room.

Friday: Feeling Overwhelmed

Mary Challenge: Visualize what you want your home to be like.

Ok, so the candle I lit is the one in the entrance that I light all the time when it's cool and rainy.  And I didn't get a notebook.  I did look at a house full of teens (mine plus extras) with pizza on the table, from my corner of the couch, beside my husband, with my favorite blanket..  and I was pretty happy.  I'd like different furniture for our living room.  Someday.  Not because ours isn't nice - it is really nice.  Fairly new.  But overstuffed and not comfortable for shorter people.  It also doesn't seat enough, but stadium seats are about our next best option...  overall, I love our home.  I like the decor.  I love that our dining room table is used all the time - for school, and supper.  I love my comfortable wingback chair & footstool in the kitchen.  

That was friday.  I keep up with the cleaning pretty well during the week.  Then the week-end hits.  My husband has Monday's off.  See me on Tuesday for the "how did my house get like this" overwhelmed post.  LOL!

Martha Challenge: Living Room windows
I just made these curtains..  I think I can skip washing them until fall, I do vacuum them off each week. But I need to wash the windows.  :-(