Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

Winter GardenWinter Garden by Kristin Hannah
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I love books that include a little history.  This book almost could have been two books -the mothers story, and the daughters stories, were really two complete books.  I'm glad it was one book though, the author made it work together well!

The history is on Stalin, and Leningrad - which may not sound all that interesting.  It sounds sort of dry actually..  but told as a fairy tale, it will suck you right in.  Although it's no fairy tale, it's more horror.  And it's based on actual history, which makes it even more horrific.  No more so than any war I guess.

I loved this book, right up until the last few chapters.  Then it felt like the author was trying to hard to make it something it was not.  The ending was..  too much.  There was no happy ending here, no matter how contrived, it would have been better to just leave it be a loss, I think.  Wrap up the daughters stories happily, but leave the mother's story as is..

It didn't ruin the book, I just think it would have been much better without the extra ending story.

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