There is a goat in my living room

But he's not on the carpet, and not on the furniture (if you do not count the footstool as furniture, which apparently our son does not...) so technically not violating the stated rules.  Note to self - make more specific rules.  :-)

He's outside now, it was just too wet and nasty to put him outside his first day here, so he stayed (HA!) in a dog kennel in our laundry room for the first day, and again overnight last night, just to be sure he's acclimating ok.  He gets a bottle 
twice a day yet.


  1. What a cutie!!!!
    So..why do you have a goat?

  2. We raise goats here on the farm.. this little guy will be my new billy for next year. :-)

  3. We've got livestock all over our house sometimes. Ducks in the sewing room, geese in the bathtub. It's par for the course when you have animals!


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