Spring Garden Planners

Forsythia in bloom - I have this planted at each side of my clothesline, and probably should move it before they get too big for these spots...

Usually by now my windows are full of plastic cups with little green plants popping up out of them.

Not this year.  

Normally by now we are walking in the fields looking at the pea plants popping up out of the ground.

Not this year.

So what ARE we doing this year? That's a good question. I do need to decide.  The peas are not in because central PA has decided to copy Seattle Washington this spring.  It's rained every day.  Saturday we got 2.5 inches of rain in one day.  The fields are so muddy we can't even think about taking the tractors in to them, not if we want to get them out.  A friend of mine's facebook status Sunday morning read "Watching the sunrise over the lake..  wait a minute,  we have a lake?"  LOL!   Sump pumps have been in overdrive all month.

So currently the garden boxes in the backyard are falling apart.  I have 6 of them back there, and three of them need to be either rebuilt or at least repaired.  the other three really get too much shade and I want to move them.  

The large raised bed up by the chicken coops is full of weeds. It looks like it is full of grass. As are all of my flower beds.  It's truly shameful out there. (the posts for the chicken fence is leaning, some of the wire is falling down, and we do have chickens loose all over the farm too.  Constantly soggy ground is hard on fences.)

I need to get outside and get to work, even if it means working in the rain.  (I did buy a new nozzle for the hose yesterday, my sole gardening effort so far this year.  Funny, since watering is the LAST thing I need to be worrying about right now.. )

This year I will be buying most of my plants, since I didn't get them started in my windows...  I need to plan exactly what I will be planting.  I love the garden planner here, that helps you calculate when to start seeds, when to plant which plants, etc.  It's dated 2009, but that doesn't matter, you fill in the dates on each page based on the first and last expected frost dates for your area - 
And here is another planner, not nearly as helpful in my opinion, but there is some interesting information in there, from Martha Stewart.

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I found this blog meme - Tuesday Garden Party - and I'm hoping it will inspire me to get out there and get to work, if I post updates each week.  :-)

HSV Garden Challenge 250 copy


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your soggy weather. We're in western NC and have had some really bad weather or as my grandson says- just freaky weather.

  2. Oh, I know how discouraging that can be! Hey- for your bed that's completely grass infested, cover it with black plastic for a month and let the sun kill those weeds! It really works wonders. :-)

    Thanks for participating- I look forward to your updates!

    An Oregon Cottage


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