The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

The PostmistressThe Postmistress by Sarah Blake
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When I looked at this book, I saw the description "On the eve of the United States's entrance into World War II in 1940, Iris James, the postmistress of Franklin, a small town on Cape Cod, does the unthinkable: She doesn't deliver a letter."

At the time it appeared to me that this would be a big, monumental event.  Rereading the description now, I can see that maybe it wasn't even meant to sound that way.  After reading the book, the description seems to sum it all up pretty well...  it really does tell you everything.  There is no surprise, no twist, no big event, and no great story.

That's the other thing I first noticed when looking at this book and adding it to my "to read" pile.  I saw in the back there was a section "the real story" and I assumed, falsely, that this was a book based on a little known real event in history.  Had I read that section first, I could have saved myself a lot of time drudging through this book.  It was based on a few things the author saw that inspired her to write the book.

It was tedious for me to read, and I wish I hadn't wasted so much time on this book.  :-(

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