Beaver Run Consignment Sale (Amish Run Auction)

Just a sneak peak - not sure how many pics I'll get tomorrow, since it's supposed to rain pretty hard!  The weather is having a definite effect on the sale already - there's a LOT less stuff over there than usual.  And you can guess why - 

This is Friday night.  The night before the sale, after two days with no rain.  Did I mention the weather is calling for heavy rains tomorrow?  I don't think they will be able to get most of this farm equipment out of here any time soon.  And the parking area - which is a field - already had cars stuck in it tonight. Before the rain tomorrow.  

See the empty space?  There's not usually any empty space at this sale.  The rows are pretty short, and filled with a lot of trusses and construction items, not nearly as much little stuff.  The antiques tent, which is shown here, doesn't have much in it either..  

Some of the quilts.  :-)  the pavilion with the quilts is full of chairs, people are finding spots out of the rain already tonight.

I know I'll end up going over for a bit tomorrow - even in the rain.  There are some bee hives I'll watch, a dresser I like for the boys room, and I'll watch the poultry and livestock...  although I'm hoping there isn't too much of that if the weather is going to be as bad as they are calling for.    I'll take my sons jeep..  that's the least likely to get stuck!