January Baby Goats

We had goats loose last fall.  We keep the billies separate from the girls until November, so we plan for March babies.  This year...  looks like we are going to have quite a few early births.

Yesterday twin girls, to one of my best moms.  They are doing great -
 They are up, running around, and adorable in the snow today.  (we lined the inside of this shelter with hay bales yesterday, knowing the temps would drop, and it would be windy, last night.  It was 2 degrees when I got up this morning)

Then this morning - 
This little girl is more of a concern for us.  Some of our Boers are born with their front legs not working well right away.  Nutradrench takes care of the problem in a day or two.  This one was born with this, in the snow, and her mom is skittish.  Doesn't seem as interested in standing still for the baby to nurse.  We'll have to watch carefully to make sure she is eating.  We put a calf shelter in the pasture and moved the baby in there so she's separate from the others and less likely to get trampled.