Merchlinsky Geo Bash 2010 - find #700 for us

Event Cache

We were at 655 finds before this event, so we made sure to catch 4 caches on the way here.  Found U turn in Washingtonville, A light over Danville, MP& HG - The Knights Who Say Ni!,  & oddfellow

Got to the event a little before 1:00, and had a great time catching up with some of the other cachers!
T-shirts were printed up for this event 

After lunch, the raffle lasted a very long time.  I really wanted to ride the roller coasters while there, and Dan had to be at softball at 5:30, so Gr8dnz picked up our raffle wins for us.  Thanks!!  We rode the twister and phoenix, and still were back in plenty of time for the last of the raffles.  Congrats to OvertheHillGang - they won the topo software, and the Gps!
The raffle table

Some pics from the Creative container contest -

a brick, with a magnetic key holder that fits in the side of the brick

shale, dremmeled out then held together with magnets