Farm Work Monday - Penning The Chickens

For the last two years, Dan has had Monday's off and we have usually spent them on projects here around the farm.  This past week was his last Monday off.  Next Monday he starts classes for his cdl, in addition to working full time, making this our last Farm Work Monday.  Meaning it was the day to get the chickens PENNED!  We had wire fencing strung on metal posts, but it was constantly sagging, not high enough, and the hens were loose everywhere.

8 foot posts, scavenged from a neighbor who had pulled them out and was going to throw them out.

We have a post hole driller for the tractor - scavenged from a relative who had thrown it on his scrap pile. It's dull and not the best, but it still works and saved a lot of digging!

Fence tighteners that used to belong to Dan's dad.  When Dan's mom had the farm sale here, Uncle Bob pulled them out and said to take them down to his shed, they might need them.  When we moved in here, Dan went and got them back from his cousin, and we use them so hard...  always thankful that Uncle Bob pulled them out of the sale pile.  :-)
Nate using the fencing tools.
The bottom wire all strung, and the hens moved back in.  We cleaned out the chicken coop and moved the nesting box outside for now.  Dan already picked up the chicken wire and ran it across the top, making this a 6ft tall fence, but I haven't taken pics of that yet.  :-)

Eggs!  It's so nice to have all the eggs in one spot again!  There had been nests in sheds, shelters, all over the farm.