On The Farm This Week 3/20/10

This week -

  • started more plants for in the garden
  • sold the two largest steers
  • listed the Farmall 400, with loader bucket, for sale - had one man come look at it, and several more , scheduled for this week
  • cleaned the carboreuter on the above 400
  • Our very first (and probably only for this year) lamb was born, and is doing well!
  • A baby girl goat was born - I think she is the last for this season, most of ours were born too early in the year this year!
Plans for next week - 
  • sell the 400
  • Sell the smallest steer and 2 pigs (have a buyer?  I think)
  • move the goats with older babies back to the big pasture
  • brush the horses, ride once
  • check horses feet - trim them?
  • Move Delilah and her lamb to the maternity pen out front (she's out back with a calf hutch now)
  • plant spinach and a few other things (?) outside. Consult planning guide
  • set up compost bin in the back yard
  • plan out upper garden - would love to put a sundial in the middle of it...  we've been on a sundial kick, having found several near geocaches lately