Before and After - Amish Sale Finds

Each year Beaver Run Consignment sale is held in April, and September.  It's coming up again on April 17th.  This is an insane sale - 7-8 auctioneers all at once, selling everything from tractors and livestock to hand made quilts, antiques, and my favorite , old furniture.  These are some of the before and after pics of pieces I picked up last fall -

Yes, my kitchen table and chairs cost me $1. $6 if you include the cost of the stain.  :-)

Table - $1 - at the Amish auction
Material - leftover from another project
Stain - $5

$1 for the bench, leftover paint.

This one was NOT from the amish sale.  I did not get the table I wanted, similar to this, at the sale, but I went to the thrift store that same week and found a similar one - 

Puzzle table - $5 at the thrift store. Used the same varnish that I used on the kitchen table, so I painted the top first with a craft paint, so that I could stain it. I had our local glass shop cut me a piece of Plexiglas to top this, used felt pads you put on the bottom of chair legs to hold the Plexiglas up just a bit, and it keeps the puzzle pieces from getting knocked around by the cats.  we use this table a lot - have completed many puzzles on it!